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  1. Houdini Multiple Session in Mac OSX

    Hi there - I have the same problem... I would like to have 2 houdini scenes open at the same time. Unfortunately typing 'hindie' into the terminal does not work... I am running houdini indie on OSX 10.11.5. Can anyone help please? Many thanks
  2. Hello, There is a parameter in the principled shader to use point colour as the Base Colour. I would like to simply do this with the emission colour. It seems like a simple thing but I am struggling to find the solution. Any help would be much appreciated! Many thanks
  3. Hi Noobini, When the pop network is in the Geo node it all seems to work fine. If I wanted to have a separate AutoDOP network, would the expressions need to change?
  4. Thanks Noobini, I cannot see any visual difference in the result between 1 and 0. They both seem to work well
  5. Yes that seems to be working! I have added a value into impulse count and it seems to be working great! Thanks again
  6. That's awesome thanks so much. Its working great. When I replace the old popnet with a new popnet however, the 'impulse birth rate' is no longer there. Is there a way to reveal this in the new popnet?
  7. Thanks Noobini. I have found that the new group expression works, however, when I delete the old 'Group1' node, it breaks it. Also as vopsop is now obsolete, how do we replace? Thanks again for your help
  8. Hi Noobini, thanks for the fast reply! Group seems to have been updated... If I add a new group node, the 'number' tab where the expression is does not seem to exist. Am I missing something?
  9. Hi there, With much help from the forums, I have discovered how to emit particles from an alembic line based on velocity. (see attached). My problem is that this solution uses nodes that are now obsolete or changed, (point, vopsop, group etc). Would anyone know how to simply rebuild this with the current houdini nodes? Any help is much appreciated. Paul PARTICLE_BIRTHRATE_FROM_VELOCITYv01.hipnc WOBBLE_LINEv01.abc