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  1. Pop orient from source geo each frame

    hey jimeng 20 tkax for your reply, your answer help me a lot, that's a good solution. thx
  2. Pop orient from source geo each frame

    Hu jdiazaeswd, i tried with rivet, but i didn't have luck with it. I'm not sure if i use it properly, but it dosn't seem to work.
  3. Pop orient from source geo each frame

    Hi thomas ! Thanks for your answer, sorry i couldn't share the hip file, but i created a simple scene to show you what i want and my problem. concerning your solutions : - Replace the geometry ecevry frame could be a nice solution but i 'm not sure how to do this. - The geometry is a deformed geometry, not transformed. so the first solution using intrinsect doesn't work beacuase it doesn't take the deformation (orientation etc....). - Using rbd packed object and bullet solver works well, but i wanted to use pop network beacause i don't need collision bertween pieces and it will be faster to compute with pop solver no ? Basicaly what i want: i have the deformed fractured geometry, and make it progressively exploded (with a simple noise/pop force), at P.y >5 for exemple. But i want a smooth transition between the popforce and the geometry movement. so the packed pieces need to follow correctly the movement before starting to explode. here is the hip file woith what i want, what ii try and where i failed Test_Pop_Orient.hipnc Thx again for your help, very helpfull !
  4. Hi folks, I'm stuck on a issue. I have a deformed geo that i have fractured in packed pieces. Then I want to use a popnetwork to drive my packed pieces. I would like to update the position and the rotation of my particles with the deformed geometry, but when i try to update the position with a pop wrangle like: @P = point(1, "P", @ptnum) with my geo source on the second input of the popnet, the orientation dosent fit of the original geo, the orientation is not updated. So, how can i update properly (position and orientation) of my packed pieces with the source deformed geo in the popnetwork frame by frame ? here is some video to show you, ths ! What i have, orient not updated: orient.mp4 What i would like, fine deformation: orientok.mp4
  5. PDG - SOP Environment variable

    Yes, that works, thx vtvtr !
  6. Hi everybody, i created custom environmment variable in PDG ($WIPCACHE, $PUBCACHE), with the 'environmentedit' top node. But now i would like to use these variables in other context (sop / rop...), when i put $WIPCACHE in a parameter it doesn't recognize my new variable. Do you have an idea to export the variable created in top into the o ther context ?
  7. Optimize Pyro Container, H17

    hey @Homestudio29 if you want to avoid this error message you have to write "vel" into the "binding to export" parameter on the snippet vop node. That allows you to export/rewrite the vel field, otherwise you are only able to read this one and you get the error message.
  8. H17: Pump FLIP with the new Fluid Source Pipeline

    It' ok, i was just a silly boy, i plug in the wrong input of the flip solver, i was in the particle vel, and the rigth one was volume vel.
  9. H17: Pump FLIP with the new Fluid Source Pipeline

    I have created my pump source, chere i can see my pump field, v field etc.... But then when i connect it to the DOP volume source in pump mode, the volume source get an error to recognize the pump field. Any ideas ?
  10. Hi guys, I have a question concerning the new fluid source in H17. How can i create a pump source from curve (point) to drive a FLIP simulation (technique used to create a boat's wake effect) with the new fluid source pipeline. I'am really confused about the new pipeline, and don't really understand the benefics of that changement. I used to create this simple pump field in H16 with the old fluid source SOP. But now i can't find the way to recreate that, should i use Flip source SOP (can't make it work with curve as input), or the pyro source SOP ? Please if you have any idea to spread this technique in the new Pipe it would be awesome. I'am stucks and tried a lot of setup but no luck. Thx
  11. WIP - ok++'s softbodies RnD + .hip files

    Thanks for sharing your file ok++ ! Awesome work !
  12. Pyro sim drastically changing in higher res

    Thanks both for your informations. I will definitively have a look to the upres workflow and learn it, i'm wasting to much time try to get my high res which doesn't match at the end.
  13. Pyro sim drastically changing in higher res

    Personnaly, to avoid the messy flowing of my pyro sim, un reduce the gas released. But tha'ts not a good deal i think.
  14. Pyro sim drastically changing in higher res

    OK Yon, Thanks for your reply. I will have a look to this "upres" workflow, because the "division size" setting blow my sim. Is there a relation between division size and "gas released" parameter ? because when i increase the resolution my sim changes like if there was too much gas released in the combustion.
  15. Pyro sim drastically changing in higher res

    I have exactly the same issue, and i was wondering how often the "Gas upres" node is used comparately at the simple division size setting. I mean, does the fx artist which works in studio use the division size to make the sim in high resolution or does he use the Gas upres node ? Because in my mind (certainly wrong idea), the upres workflow was "obsolete" ?