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  1. texture-synthesis-houdini

    Hey Robert, it's not a realtime implementation like in the second paper, but yes; it can do what the papers describe.
  2. texture-synthesis-houdini

    Hey! I've been working on some cool little projects in my free time and today I'm open sourcing the first one! texture-synthesis-houdini || https://github.com/manuelkoester/texture-synthesis-houdini It's an open source Houdini / PDG plugin for EmbarkStudios' texture-synthesis, which is an example-based algorithm for image generation. Meaning you put in textures as examples and you will get new, similar textures from the textures you put in! Embark also added additional parameters to guide the algorithm to your needs, which enables lots of cool things. That way we can finally give our little Pighead the love it deserves; A texture for its neck! Created fully procedurally based on parts of its original texture. I've added a small Digital Asset which lets you drive the algorithm with Houdini Attributes, so it can plug nicely into your existing workflows. Give it a try here: https://github.com/manuelkoester/texture-synthesis-houdini If you want to see following updates tools, give me a follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShadesOfOrange_
  3. Frankfurt Houdini User Group FRAHUG

    Our upcoming meetup next week:
  4. Hey everyone, every first wednesday of the month we are holding our FRAHUG. We usually head off for a bar and want to eventually have HUGs regularly feature presentations. This is our meetup group:
  5. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    Hire @Alexey Vanzhula for modeling tools More serious (the other one is still kind of a wish): - Since Houdini will be using USD as core, integrate HydraGL (or something similar) as the new Viewport. Integrate a good translation of Mantra Shaders to GL. - Put emphasis on modeling and the flow of using it when modifying geometry (as you guys mentioned so often in the H17 presentation) - Rework of the file browser - Rework the script editor in Wrangles, Expression Editor, HDA Module, etc. - Keep going on the UI overhaul. I see you new sliders! (The response you got in H16 should be a good motivator) - Explore options to enhance handles in the viewport - Embrace a workflow on how to use USD, but don't restrict (the industry is all over the place on this unfortunately) - Bit of a spring cleaning, getting rid of very annoying bugs. Also get old, easy features in. Get the low hanging fruit! All of this has to happen eventually. You guys have done so well that the Houdini Hype train is already rolling without breaks. So you don't really need any more hype generators (like Vellum) right now, so it would be cool to get features like this next! <3 you sidefx devs/tds/interns/comms/producers and all others! Edit: - If you DO want hype, how about MLOPs (Machine Learning OPerators)? Make use of an open source ML framework (Pytorch seems to take off currently) and wrap it up in a nice context.
  6. Physically based rain

    Ah fuck. I can't believe I've done this. Thanks so much @Jesper Rahlff, @Noobiniand @coltonmil. And of course @Noobini's maths teacher.
  7. Physically based rain

    Thanks for the link Jesper! Shows some really cool stuff. Unfortunately, it shows the same equations that I used, so no real solution in sight.
  8. Physically based rain

    You guys are right. All the variable calculations should be physically correct though: float waterDensity = 1000; //http://www.sengpielaudio.com/calculator-densityunits.htm float airDensity = 1.225; //https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Density_of_air float Volume = 4/3*pi*radius; //https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sphere#Enclosed_volume float mass = Volume*waterDensity; //should be a given float projectedArea = pi*pow((2*radius),2)/4; //http://www.mne.psu.edu/cimbala/me325web_Spring_2012/Labs/Drag/intro.pdf float dragCoefficient = 0.3; //https://www.grc.nasa.gov/www/k-12/VirtualAero/BottleRocket/airplane/shaped.html float drag = 0.5*dragCoefficient*airDensity*pow(velocity,2)*projectedArea; //https://www.grc.nasa.gov/www/k-12/VirtualAero/BottleRocket/airplane/drageq.html I am so very sure, that I am just missing a tiny thing.
  9. Physically based rain

    Hey guys, I am trying to create a physically based rain simulation. I am updating these acting forces on every frame: Gravity, wind and drag. The formulae themselves should be correct, but I am clearly overseeing something. The velocity should not exceed 15m/s, but currently it is going way past that point. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Manu PBRain_tmp_v0002_nocomment_mko_.hip
  10. Unexpected primuv transformations

    Hey guys, I am trying to get my geometry into intrensic primitive uv space and back to World space. Unfortunately it doesn't behave as expected when transforming back. HIP and gif included: tmp_anm_v0003_nocomment_mko_.hipnc
  11. Shades of Orange, daily Houdini stream

    I also recently started a Quick-Tip series about all kinds of Houdini stuff. I try to keep it to the 1 minute mark: http://shadesoforange.de/quick-tipps/ I just uploaded couple of Tips for VEX/Wrangles: https://vimeo.com/213122616
  12. Hey everyone, I recently set up a website and a stream for Houdini people or everyone else who is interested in Houdini. I am going to start streaming Houdini every day, starting today. After each stream I will upload results and depending on time a timelapse, a tutorial, a .hip(nc) file or documentation of sorts for everybody to view and examine. Where can you find all this? Website: http://shadesoforange.de/ Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/shadesoforange Who am I? I am studying Animation & Game in Darmstadt, Germany and am 23 years old. I recently finished my internship at RISE FX and am crazy about all Houdini, procedural and CG stuff. More about me here. My first stream is going to start at 15:00 CET. So if you want to hang out and have a chat, come by and say hello! See you!
  13. Voronoi piece point offset

    Yeah I know that Triangulizing solves the issue. But that is not an option for my current project.
  14. Voronoi piece point offset

    Hey, sorry but I think you are wrong. Thanks though.
  15. Voronoi piece point offset

    Hey guys, I've encountered an issue with the voronoi Fracture. It's hard to explain so I will go ahead and post the images as well as the .hip file. How can I avoid the cracking/offset of the surfaces happening in the fracture? Dividing/Triangulizing seems to solve the problem, but introduces an unwanted look. I'm happy for any help. voronoi_issue.hip