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  1. setting parameters via linked ch?

    Promote attribute to detail and the function detail for take the value in parameter
  2. How to achieve Earthquake Destruction in Houdini?

    Hi achary! some good effect year before A plane and a sop transfor. how hight the earthquake should like ... there a new sop that hekp but that for after... you have you geo and in five 5 second wioooaaaah how hight the parameter must you say in second meters plus ?
  3. Better Tornado Result

    simple shape and rotate $F plus... a tornado moving at 200km move aprox a 50meter per second so $F*2 in tx and $F*8 in ry or lees or more would be ok
  4. Boundbox+ scale x + fusesop+ convertslpine+raysop(group from centerpoints) + point deform Very non eye roughly sketchy but who knows who thatya
  5. What helped you understand VOPS?

    vop is complicated and you are so complicated if you not understand the simple staff: atributes. Took some year understand. But to get acquianted first come with simple examples and get therebefore with more completed and more complicate scene. Dont be in panic just believe in you.
  6. Particles Density based on Volume

    manipulating the volume for scatter the points to spread in particles? So you need to work on volume, volume vop, or volume wrangle ... or who know... Otherwise why you need the gradient if N do the same? If you use the gradient value to fit value for modify the shape of you source particles use volume if you choice that trick.
  7. Particles Density based on Volume

    In volume vop. Use volume sample gradient convert that vector to float .... then multiply by density, scatter the points. Hope that help
  8. Particles Density based on Volume

    Hi i do not know if you are not accquated with vex solution. In sop world you can use " attribute from volume" in houdini you can do the same thing in diferent ways or who know. Cheers