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  1. Hey Guys, I wanted to ask you, if you guys know how to promote the paint handles from a paint sop in an HDA. Only found a "solution" where the user dives in the network to use the paint node. Just want to use the paint node to color a geo in order to scatter points there. If you have a solution, I would be very thankful. Cheers, Luke
  2. Glue Network Issue

    Thanks a lot. It works now and even better, I´m understanding why
  3. Glue Network Issue

    Hey Dennis, sry, but I don´t really understand why I have to transfer the old name attribute back and even if I do so, why my sim is jittering. Added my adapted file. Maybe you could take a look if you have a moment. EDIT: Btw, how do you set those specific "ground chunks" to static. Sry again, I´m quite new to bullet. Break_06.hip
  4. Glue Network Issue

    Hey Dennis, vielen Dank! Detailed answer and samplefile, you are my hero! Gonna be back home tomorrow, can´t wait to adapt the changes to my project
  5. Glue Network Issue

    Hey Guys, I´m quite new to odforce and Houdini and a friend of mine recommended you very strongly. My Issue concerns glue networks with bullet fracture sims. There is a ground (terrain) object and set of "fracture objects" on the ground. I want to delete the bonds between the fracture pieces, but NOT the connection between ground and adjacent fracture pieces between the ground. Is this possible with one glue network or do I need two? And how? I need a strong glue between the ground and the adjacent fracture pieces. Help would be really appreciated. I really like Houdini, but it takes time to get the overall picture concerning the mechanics.... I guess. Best Wishes, Luke Break_06.hip
  6. Hey Guys, I´m currently having troubles with the smoke container. Having a bullet system, which gives me the emitter data for smoke, somehow the container does weird things. I give the smoke solver multiple objects (meteors) and I thought thats´s it, Houdini will handle it I don´t have that much experience with the smoke solver, help would be appreciated. A lot. Cheers, Skar Fireballs_5_testing.hip