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  1. Unreal PDG cooking settings

    Hi guys, I'm trying to cook PDG TOP network outcome to separate staticMeshes - now it is cooking to the instancer. Does anyone know is it possible to set it with Python API using the PDGBakeAllOutputsWithSettings() command? Thanks, Tomek
  2. Unreal 4.26-Chaos Build Anyone?

    Hi Magicians. Anyone had luck setting the Houdini Engine with Unreal Engine 4.26-Chaos Beta 3 build? It is completely unstable for v2 of the plugin and Sync is not working in v1. Thanks, Tom
  3. Instance names in UE4

    Hi Santos. Nice find! I will add one more piece of info to that. If you want to add multiple names the global values will stack into a multivalue attribute in details and unreal might crash. Instead of a global value apply the same Attribute on points, pack the geo, and transfer that attribute to the packed geo. Best Regards, Tom
  4. Yes, it can be done using Python.
  5. Hi guys, I have a problem with the compile block inside HDA. I is working fine unless I add a second asset right after the first one. Then things go crazy because this second asset claims that the Stroke Node that is not even in the first compile block is not Compile compatible and it cannot cook. Should I isolate the stroke from the compile block? Tom
  6. Hi guys, I'm creating an interactive cutting tool and I have trouble getting node parameters in the HDA parameters. I have imported toolutils and as long as I import only the build-in functionality of the node (draw curve node) it is working fine, but when I want to add parameters created by that node to the HDA parameters it is not working. Anyone can explain it to me how to properly import node proprieties to HDA or just give me a hint of where to look for that info?
  7. FLIP tank shape other than cube?

    Shame. It heavily affects crown-splashes that I make. The rectangle pattern is visible in the shape of the crown as well as in the shape of the retracting surface.
  8. FLIP tank shape other than cube?

    Hi every one. Is there a way to get any other shape of flip tank? I can just simulate it in the tube and give it a time to settle, but it would be easier if there is an option to make tank cylindrical. Thanks. Tom
  9. PDG filename problem SOLVED

    It was easier than I thought. Way to do it is to use ropnode and @directory and @filesname to save it. Additionally, if you need to rename your files it can be achieved by using Create Attrib and strreplace command.
  10. Hi everyone. I have a problem creating the TOP that reads the file from the folder and saves them to the new folder after some simple procedure of reducing geo. I need to create "filename" attribute out of PDG filenames. Anyone could point me how to solve this? Thank you
  11. HDA loop not updating

    Hi guys. I have a problem with one of my HDA's. I have 3 parallel loops. The first one is looking for a number of iterations to run out of points and stop by triggering Stop Condition. The second and Third loop is using a number of iterations from the first loop. Problem is that the first loop does not update when HDA is inside a loop. I have to select the first loop output and then it works. UPDATE: I thought that the problem is that the first loop is parallel to the one dependent on it, but after I added it to the flow and it is before the 2 others it is still not updating. Any way out?
  12. Else if command

    Hi Anim. It is working like charm now. Thank you a lot :-)
  13. Else if command

    Thank you anim. This place is great :-) I will test it out.
  14. Else if command

    Hi everyone, I'm building a HDA that will pick the the proper geo at the prims of the proper size, but I need the "else if" statement that is not available in hscript. What I need is the multiple if command that will output just one true value (there will be one true value actually). Is it possible w hscript? Best Regards Tom
  15. RBD Instanced Simulation Wind Problem

    Thanks, Jesper. I manage to get it what is going on. The problem was the scene scale and flat models with no volume.