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    Either I'm baking or chopping wood.
  1. od[force] gallery

    I also appreciate the "like" option. A good list of categories would be appreciated. Sometimes I'm just trolling, other times all I want to see is landscapes, or human models, etc. Including the hip file, while a nice idea, would be a big headache and potential use up a lot of storage space. It's not just the hip file, but the models and textures and images, etc.
  2. Brush Pile Challenge

    Okay, so I'll fill in the idea for this challenge a bit and see if anyone bites. This should be developed as a production asset. The Director is obsessed with woodpiles, perhaps because this is where his dad got his source of branches used to discipline his son; but really it's quite appropriate because the woodpile is central to this movie's story. The movie is about a chipmunk that lives in the woodpile and the trials of coping with a home that is changing all the time. The pile is built up and taken down each year as the wood is gathered and burned. Really though the story is allegorical, representing the hardships that go with the insecurity of our modern times; where careers are changed often and "home" is not the stable, long-term place we used to know. So, the woodpile needs to be directable. You'll notice the reference images show several types of wood in the piles, particularly the main pile which has maple, beech, hemlock and pine in it. The director will want to control the percentages of each wood; plus have control over the diameter of the wood. Perhaps a small, medium and large diameter control that can be controlled as to percentage of each, and a switch to turn each off is needed. There needs to also be small twigs. While the main pile will be static the twigs need to react to the environment ie: the wind.
  3. Joaquim's Master Project

    The pinching may affect your texture appearance.
  4. Brush Pile Challenge

    Hi Adam, That Peter (Claes) was being sarcastic This Peter (Robbinson) was making a suggestion for a challenge.I don't really know proper Challenge protocol either, so just post stuff as I think of it. Peter
  5. I have plenty of piles of firewood brush piles laying around. I use it to fire our outdoor bake oven. I've been wondering how to approach the creation of a realistic cg equivalent. Attached are some reference images; that is a standard 4"X 8 3/8" brick for size reference. Peter
  6. movie: Construction-plane modeling

    Yes, unfortunately the construction plane as it is configured now is pretty much useless as a modelling tool. I wish it weren't so, but gaining control of the construction plane to move it around and snap to surfaces and such is extremely awkward. I would certainly like to have a good, intuitive construction plane to use. I'm old fashion, but the construction plane in the model sop was way better and I used it alot.
  7. basic texture question

    For layered textures you'll need Layer sops to generate the layer id's you need.
  8. building in more panels

    See if using the Divide sop and turning on Bricker Polygons will do what you want. You then reduce the Size and change the Offsets to get more divisions. Obviously you'll need to use two Divide sops, one for each panel, since they are oriented on different axis.
  9. oversampling and orbit

    Not sure what you mean by "crazy" but add a drag pop to your network.
  10. underwater atomic explosion

    Some great descriptions of tests here: http://nuclearweaponarchive.org/Usa/Tests/index.html
  11. particle fluid simdata offset

    Okay, I'm having an old man moment (seem to be getting longer), ah where was I Right, I'm in Singapore at the moment and trying to answer a question about particle fluids. We know that particle fluids need to settle and you can write out the simdata to disk. What I can't sort out is how to bring the simdata back in and start at the point where the particle fluid has settled. Who can help? Alvin where are you when I need you... PeterR
  12. feathers

    The birds in The Wild were feathered.
  13. New Houdini user from Singapore.

    I'll be in Singapore at the end of the month to do a bunch of training. I'm looking forward to meeting TK, he's organizing the training. Perhaps we'll get a chance to meet Raymond.
  14. mantra: The Complete Guide?

    Well, I did have a plan to generate a series of books, still would like to, but obviously got distracted and fell down on the job. It was meant as a collaborative effort, some of you likely remember that I contacted you. Marc and Jason provided a bit of forum space for the purpose. I think it remains a valid means of generating a publication. I'd like to help as an editor.
  15. OpenGL acceleration in VirtualBox

    I've had real good luck with houdini in Winxp on Virtualbox. It seems to run very efficiently and the 3d side seems to work quite reliably. You need to add the extra features so the graphics work well. Now if someone would make OSX work in Virtualbox I'd be all set.