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  1. Color in FLIP sims - milk pour into tea

    If you can possibly provide your hipfile man I can take a look and try some things! Congrats on the internship too man well deserved Chris.
  2. soft transform crash

    I don't have the exact same issue. But in one scene I have - if I use a soft transform - FREEZE + CRASH - But if I use a normal transform - all fine? Seems like a very odd bug
  3. Point Levelling Question

    Hey guys, Sorry for the bad title wasn't sure what to name this exactly. So my issue is as follows, I have a curve which I'm raying onto a mesh - all good. I'm then trying to make sure each point is not higher in y than the previous point. And if so use the previous points position in Y (roughly). Ive tried several setups using the logic of select points higher in y than surrounding points - but then I think I maybe need to find its neighbours and their average point position in Y and apply that to the points which are higher in Y? [As I was typing this I came up with that thought so going to see if that works] Any ideas would be great, Thanks
  4. Kohuei Nakama's Effect

    Awesome looking stuff guys! Will take a look at the file later and see what I come up withhh
  5. Kohuei Nakama's Effect

    Oooo super cool effect - Id go about it this way; - Base fluid or particle simulation (for the flow get the movement wanted) - Copy lowres model geo onto points (orientation etc.) - Then run either a fem/cloth sim from that to get the nice deformation?? Simple but no doubt issues like intersections may be quite troublesome from the copying but atleast a basic start! Look forward to seeing what you come up with man
  6. Curves/Shape From Points Help

    Ahhh I see I totally forgot about the ends sop! Thanks a lot man, From this point I'm still struggling to then create clean geometry between the points (polyfill/cap) does the job to an extent but not nicely - and the polypath node also somewhat works, perhaps is what I'm after but doesn't take into consideration edge loops inside of others and thus creates one giant polygon rather than one with holes inside if that makes sense
  7. Curves/Shape From Points Help

    So I kind of fixed my issue - by grouping edges of a certain length (long unwanted edges) and then using the dissolve sop and assigning that group that gets me to a better stage - cleaning up the lines atleast
  8. Curves/Shape From Points Help

    Hey guys, so I'm taking some geo - - deleting away everything but the boundary points - in order to then create an edge using the ADD sop - take this and create polygons inbetween Currently I cant get the winding order/connecting order of my points right on more complex shapes with holes inside as such, heres my hip file any ideas or suggestions would be great! Thanks, C HoudiniHelpAddSop.hip
  9. Environment Variables - Houdini

    Thanks Ben really appreciate the advice and insight really helpful!
  10. Python in Houdini Question

    Hmmmm, I just tested my tool again to check and still no new created nodes or connections made/disconnected go back to the defaults using my buttons. - Is it perhaps because my tool is working at a obj level? (soo I have my tool > multiple geo networks > inside geo networks is the geometry) (the buttons create new geo networks/nulls and connect/disconnect them to other geo networks at that level - no sop changes) - which means that definition of the function will turn the sop's inside the geo networks back to default but not the geometry networks themselves?
  11. Python in Houdini Question

    Hmmmmmm, right that kind of makes sense. What kind of node changes? As ive tested it a few times and my new geo nodes being created remain fine, and the nodes I disconnect also remain fine (that's the only functionality my buttons require the unlock for) Ahhh okay ill take a look at that node see if that can replace it! Thanks man
  12. Python in Houdini Question

    Ahhh fantastic thankyou once again man! Really really appreciated I have another small question, So I have a button which adds extra nodes inside my OTL. It also unlocks the OTL to allow it to create new nodes as my line below shows. - hou.node('../CD_Tool).allowEditingOfContents() I then want to add another line which re-locks the OTL - I tried using the end brackets of allowEditingofContents with true and false, but to no luck, the documentation doesn't seem to specify but I could be me making a simple mistake? Theirs the match current definition way but that resets the network inside the OTL also which I don't want to doo. So the Answer was hou.node("obj/CD_Tool").matchCurrentDefinition() - Which Locks my otl for me, but doesn't seem to revert any nodes or values particularly which was my concern from the way it was explained via the documentation
  13. Hello all, So ive been customing the Houdini env variables within the Houdini docs folder. All working correctly with my job and hip file paths set as I wish. I was wondering is it possible to reference a system environment variable within the Houdini env variables script? (So set a environment variable called HOME to a certain path in the systems env variables) (Then call HOME within the Houdini env variables to set JOB or whatever). Any guidance or help appreciated as always Thanks C.
  14. Create Heightfield from Input Geometry

    hey man, yeahhh it was kind of the latter I was attempting to do. Take some normal geo > turn into heightfield > apply heightfield erosion But I think your right I'm gonna probably spent some time with vdbs see if I can rebuild some of the height field erosion tools functionality using various vdb functions Thanks a lot for the advice!:)
  15. Python in Houdini Question

    I have another python question, So I have a button which takes the user into the compositing network, to pair with that I'm trying to change the 'scene view' to 'compositor view' but cant seem to find much on this type of stuff done via python in buttons? anyone who could point me in any direction would be super useful :)!