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  1. Take a look at @Farmfield's lovely paper scene from a while back May help you somewhat
  2. Its possible in Houdini for sure, plenty have done it, but its not a out of the box node as such. You have the scatter which scatters point but doesn't allow for non intersections but that's something you can build
  3. My quick and short reply looking at that image would be to copy stamp lots of platonic solid objects - or object packing so they conform nicely without intersecting, trying googling/looking for tutorials on both their are a fair around will drop a file if I get chance
  4. I Imagine its a combination of some nice burning shader work on the cape material itself. Then combined with some pyro/sparks. - So I would approach it in this order; (Simplified) - Create your noise/mask attribute for burning on the geometry you wish to be burning, pump this attribute into the shader and then do some magic to create the burning look. - Use this same attribute to emit both your pyro and sparks. Or create your pyro which drives your sparks. - Iterate until it all works together nicely. Hope this helps
  5. So ive found that the HOME env variable is what seems to be overriding my pref directory, but thought it would be possible to set them independently
  6. Hey all, I'm trying to set the environment variable HOUDINI_USER_PREF_DIR - to a specific folder. I have other environment variables working perfectly, but I cannot get this one to work regardless of whether I use a windows environment variable or place this inside the Houdini.env, Everytime I open Houdini and check the shell using hconfig, it says my temp directory is set to the default directory, does anyone have any ideas? My only guess is this is being set elsewhere and their fore overriding my manually created env varaibles. (Ive checked spelling etc. and this is what my windows env variable looks like; name = ‘HOUDINI_USER_PREF_DIR’, value = ‘D:\Houdiniprefs’ ) Thanks Chris.
  7. So ive moved my gamedevtoolset stuff into the project folder I'm setting my Houdini path too - which fixes having to reference that via Houdini Path too. Hconfig in the shell shows HOUDINI_PATH is now set correctly but it still isn't retrieving the tools from their... - So my batch is running setting HOUDINI_PATH correctly according to the shell using hconfig. But still not bringing in my otls etc. Just seems to be using the default documents/Houdini_16.5/ stuff. As from what ive read this should work with no issues?
  8. So after some tweaking and more googling I seem to have it working by removing the OTLSCAN_PATH and adding another HOUDINI_PATH = %projectfolder%\tools\Houdini_Test\otls;& My tools are now present and things such as the pyro solver are no longer broken So actually on closer inspection it isn't taking the tools from my project folder, sooo not fixed
  9. Hey I'm trying to setup a tool pipeline, and currently running into a issue. I have a batch script which fetches a Houdini.env file from a project folder, places it into the Users Houdini folder and then starts Houdini. This works so far. I am using HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH in the env file to set the otl folder to a folder which is updated with the project. When I run the batch it opens Houdini, but the tools I expect to be present are not. (And some random default Houdini things have broken, such as the pyro solver?! [invalid node type] ) When I type hconfig in the shell I get all the env variables I'm setting and says its setting the OTLSCAN_PATH correctly. I have seen a post on the sidefx forums regarding using HOUDINI_PATH and HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH together, from what I read OTLSCAN_PATH does not work if HOUDINI_PATH is present. But if I remove my HOUDINI_PATH line within my env variable Houdini wont open at all and errors giving a Colour.ui type error. Here are my env variable settings also; HOUDINI_NO_SPLASH = 1 HOUDINI_OTLSCAN_PATH = %projectfolder%\tools\Houdini_Test\otls HOUDINI_PATH = PATH_TO_YOUR\GameDevelopmentToolset;& # GAME DEVELOPMENT TOOLSET HOUDINI_PATH = $APPDATA\SideFX\GameDevToolset\1.15\Stable;& JOB = D:/Development/Houdini HOUDINI_HIP_DEFAULT_NAME = $JOB/hip/untitled.hip HOUDINI_TEMP_DIR = $JOB/hip/temp Any help or guidance would be really appreciated as I have little experience with this and spent a lot of time googling with no real understanding/success. Thanks C
  10. If you can possibly provide your hipfile man I can take a look and try some things! Congrats on the internship too man well deserved Chris.
  11. I don't have the exact same issue. But in one scene I have - if I use a soft transform - FREEZE + CRASH - But if I use a normal transform - all fine? Seems like a very odd bug
  12. Hey guys, Sorry for the bad title wasn't sure what to name this exactly. So my issue is as follows, I have a curve which I'm raying onto a mesh - all good. I'm then trying to make sure each point is not higher in y than the previous point. And if so use the previous points position in Y (roughly). Ive tried several setups using the logic of select points higher in y than surrounding points - but then I think I maybe need to find its neighbours and their average point position in Y and apply that to the points which are higher in Y? [As I was typing this I came up with that thought so going to see if that works] Any ideas would be great, Thanks
  13. Awesome looking stuff guys! Will take a look at the file later and see what I come up withhh
  14. Oooo super cool effect - Id go about it this way; - Base fluid or particle simulation (for the flow get the movement wanted) - Copy lowres model geo onto points (orientation etc.) - Then run either a fem/cloth sim from that to get the nice deformation?? Simple but no doubt issues like intersections may be quite troublesome from the copying but atleast a basic start! Look forward to seeing what you come up with man
  15. Ahhh I see I totally forgot about the ends sop! Thanks a lot man, From this point I'm still struggling to then create clean geometry between the points (polyfill/cap) does the job to an extent but not nicely - and the polypath node also somewhat works, perhaps is what I'm after but doesn't take into consideration edge loops inside of others and thus creates one giant polygon rather than one with holes inside if that makes sense
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