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  1. Create group from array attribute

    Hi, Thank you for your help, but Its not working. Say, I want to create an array which will have all the values of the array in attribute named sourceprim. So, how can I loop over each point for the sourceprim attribute and append all the different values from the array into one single array variable? Suppose, I created int my_array[] and then I want this array to have all the values of the sourceprim attribute array. How to do that?? Please help.
  2. Hi, I have attached a screenshot, in the following, I want to create a group that will have all the primitves mentioned in the sourceprim attribute, it is an array type attribute and I am unable to combine them all to create a group, please help. Thanks
  3. Smoke Trail Box Collapses

    Thank you so much for the file and explanation, it is working smoothly now. Thanks again
  4. Smoke Trail Box Collapses

    Please somebody helppppp
  5. Smoke Trail Box Collapses

    Hi, I have used the smoke trail shelf tool for a moving sphere to generate smoke and then modified the pyro source node to make it like a fire ball. But when my sphere passes from one smoke box to another, some boxes just collapse to the grid center. On viewing in two-dimensional plane I saw that the box which collapse on the center of grid are unable to read any values like temperature, density, etc. So, what do I do? I am attaching the file for review, please someone help. P.S. In "Gas Resize Fluid Dynamics" node, if I change the value of delay frames to 2 and put and "Temperature" in the extra resize field, it works fine, but is it the solution or I am doing something wrong, Please Help. pyroTrail.001.hip
  6. Hi, In my popnet, I want that, a new particle is born only if there are no particles in the scene. That is, suppose a single particle is born and dies after, say some random frame, only then a new particle is born. No new particle can be born even if a single particle is alive. How can I do that? Please help Thanks @Alain2131 : Sorry to tag you here, I just wanted some more help. Please let me know if tagging is not permitted or if you are bothered by it, I wont tag you again.
  7. Copy multiple objects to multiple point in loop

    Hi, Thank you so much for helping me out here, thank you for your efforts. Finally I have understood the concept and now I am able to execute it entirely in vop, many thanks. And I have found out a way to create group inside vop network, I have attached a file here, in case you want to take a look. Thanks again. copyTest.hip
  8. Copy multiple objects to multiple point in loop

    Hi, Thank you so much, your explanation solved a lot of problems for me, I just have one last question, hopefully. I am a bit confused about the "setpointgroup" expression. Is it not possible to create a group by group node here and why is it necessary to first write a detail attribute and then make a group out of it? Is it not possible to directly make a group. One more question, I am sorry to ask so many things, your explanations are good, why do we multiply "npoints"? Can you please explain on multiplying "npoints" what exactly happens? Can't we use the fit range node in attribute vop or fit01 expression in wrangle to fit the random incoming value and if I do so, what should be the source min/max and dest min/max? Thanks again, even if I dont get a reply for this one, you have helped me a lot. So, Thank You. PS: I have attached a file, I followed your file and tried to make it with an attribute vop node, if you have some extra time, please see if it could have been better. copyToPoints_1.hipnc
  9. Copy multiple objects to multiple point in loop

    Hi, I have gone through the help and have sorted out some confusions but I am still stuck here. setdetailattrib(0, "toKeep", toKeep); setpointgroup(0, "toKeep", toKeep, 1); I know what the above functions does, but I cannot understand how these functions are working for the current scene. Please can you explain what these functions are actually doing in this scene. I am really sorry to bother you again and again.
  10. Copy multiple objects to multiple point in loop

    Hi, Thanks a ton for your help. It works but I am sorry to bother you again, can you please explain me this, "int ptCount = npoints(0);", I mean what does actually npoints(0) brings in? I am also curious about the second method where you could have used the attributes instead of delete node. Please let me know if it is possible. Thanks again.
  11. Copy multiple objects to multiple point in loop

    Please somebody help. I am really stuck here.
  12. Copy multiple objects to multiple point in loop

    Thanks for your help, can you please elaborate. Its not working for me and it would really help me out. Pleaseee
  13. Hi, I have attached a scene file for reference, in the scene, I have fractured a box and used a for each loop to adjust its pivot points and position and again I have used a grid and scattered point to copy it. I have used for each loop to and a copy to points node. My problem is that, all of my fractured geometry gets copied to each point, while I know copy stamp method but is there any other way that I can use to copy each fractured piece coming out of a loop randomly over the scattered points via a copy to points node. Please let me know, I have attached a file below. * Also can you please let me know how to add strings in attribute vop node, suppose I want to create a string called "piece" inside the vop node and add the id or any random number to it and combine both the values as strings and also export it as a string attribute. Thanks copyToPoints.hipnc
  14. Group particles into four parts

    Wowww!! This works perfectly. Thank you so mucccch. Please could you also explain this code a bit. Like : if (@id % 10 < 3){ @group_group1 = 1; } if (@id % 10 >= 3 && @id % 10 < 5){ @group_group2 = 1; } Please explain the above part , suppose I have a 100 points. can you please explain the above part to me?
  15. Hi, I am sorry if this is a silly question, I want to group N number of points into 4 seperate groups, suppose 30% =group1, 20% = group2, 10% = group 3, 40% = group 4. In such a way that no particle is common in any of the groups so that I can use those groups to use popwind to effect them seperately and color them seperately. Please Help. Thanks.