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  1. crinkled spider web

    Answering my own question here - the hairs were simply too thick! Nothing too see here...
  2. crinkled spider web

    Hello, I attempted a super simple orb-spider web with vellum hair but when I set the rest length < 1 it all gets crinkled up instead of stretching. Does anybody know what am I missing? Thanks a lot! web.hipnc
  3. bake and composite textures script

    Hello there! I'm trying to bake textures for a directory full of models. I'm rendering some types (occlusion and curvature in this case) and I also want to composite those 2 into one map while I'm at it. I got all the parts working in my scene and set values with this script accordingly: import os import hou root = 'E:/Items/' fbxs = [] for root, dirs, files in os.walk(root): for f in files: if f.endswith(".fbx"): fbxs.append(os.path.join(root,f)) importNode = hou.node('/obj/geo1/import'); bakeNode = hou.node('out/baketexture1'); temp_dir = 'E:/temp' for fbx in fbxs: importNode.parm('file').set(fbx) outputFilepath = os.path.join(temp_dir, os.path.split(fbx)[1].replace('.fbx','.png')) print('Baking: ' + outputFilepath) bakeNode.render(); compnode = hou.node('img/img1/composite_channels') compnode.parm('copoutput').set(outputFilepath) print ('Comping') compnode.render() My problem is that the comp rop is executing without waiting for the bake to finish. I tried several things.. Using a post-render script that i would modify to set the outputfilename the comp node should use, something like this: post_script_t = """ import hou compnode = hou.node('img/img1/composite_channels') compnode.parm('copoutput').set(\"outputFilepath\") compnode.render() """ but then it seems the script cannot find the comp node (do these render scripts have a different environment?) I tried checking for the resulting bakes to continue once the files are there but if I do something like this: bakeNode.render(); # wait for the textures while(True): time.sleep(5) if os.path.exists(f1) and os.path.exists(f2): break; the bake doesn't even seem to start. Mmh, my last resort would be to do the whole thing in 2 passes, first baking, then compositing but I was curious what's the best solution here Thanks for any enlightenment! Seb PS: first time python in houdini - it's awesome!
  4. multiple inputs in foreach

    Sigh... my houdini learning journey continues thanks Kiryha !!!
  5. multiple inputs in foreach

    Hello, I want to cut a mesh with multiple curves so I tried creating a for-each loop with multiple inputs as describes in the documentation here: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/model/looping.htmlpolysplit_by_mulitple_curves_2.hip Sadly I can't get it to work, could somebody please point out my mistake? (I can do it by blasting away the other non needed curves using a meta node but I thought this should be possible without..) Thanks a lot!! seb
  6. copnet keeps image file locked

    Hello there, I use a copnet together with a trace node to create some geo. Now it seems that the copnet is keeping the file locked so I can't overwrite my source texture from another program. Even if I delete the copnet the locking persists and I need to quit houdini to free it. Is houdini caching access to files somehow? (I know Arnold in maya was doing something similar but it has an option to flush caches /disable) So I wonder if there is an option somewhere that I might have missed. Thanks in advance! seb
  7. orient and copy

    Thanks!!! @rbowden: I think I didn't change too much but I will upload the felt otl here once I'm all done with this image!
  8. orient and copy

    Hello! I just wanted to give an update on my houdini project I redid my lost felt, got the rest of the model and I did some shading with mantra. I used substance painter to make the maps and I really like how easy it was to integrate them into houdini! There's a bunch of udims but the whole thing just uses one shader which is awesomely easy! Well.. some more work to be done... !
  9. orient and copy

    Glad you like this is the file, maybe it's corrupted? It just saved normally without problems. I saw that usually houdini makes a backup but there are no backups for a while so maybe something was off... mh Well, doing it again I'll remember better I suppose Sebastian_felthair.hdalc
  10. orient and copy

    Getting somewhere :)) Sadly blue screen of death while rendering, haven't saved the scene for 2 hours and my otl doesn't seem to load anymore, sigh. ( I had created an asset for the felt/fur and had been saving it continuously) Does anybody know what the problem there might be? User error? Next thing I'll do is this I guess: Here is the error I get when loading the library:
  11. orient and copy

    ahhhh - the op: thing makes it work.. THANKS!!
  12. orient and copy

    Thanks!! OK, I was confused because there is a normal sop and also a normal attribute coming from it - and yet if I comment out that line @N=@N the result is different (as in wrong). AHA my normal sop was working on vertices.. got it! Now I have another problem I created a for loop to create a number of different curve shells and I'm using the iteration detail attribute to modify them. I'm using it it in the peak node like this (for the height): detail('../foreach_begin1_metadata1', 'iteration', 0) * 0.2 + 0.2 to offset each shell a little and that seems to work just fine. but when I use it in the wrangle like so: int it = detail('../foreach_begin1_metadata1', 'iteration', 0); @randrot = random(@ptnum + ch("seed") + it*10000 ) * 360; but now it seems to be just 0 all the time.. By the way I'm now randomizing the up vector which brings some joy but I think I still need the layers.. Added the file again, thanks so much for looking! seb felt2.hiplc
  13. orient and copy

    I have one more question.. @N = @N; why is this needed? Most confusing behavior ever..
  14. orient and copy

    Hello all, thanks so much for the many, quick replies! The pop way is interesting too Iskander It seems stamping the rotation seems to be the way to go for me! galagast: I actually wanted to have them sit parallel to the surface. That's also why I don't use fur, I want it to look like lots of hairs layered ontop of each other like this: When I lay them flat I get those funny patterns like in the attachment, I don't quiet understand why they are so visible as there is random rotation on the curves.. I might just layer another shell ontop but still curious! seb
  15. orient and copy

    Hello, another beginner question ahead.. I want to scatter curves on the surface of my hippo so they conform to the surface. I'm creating the orient attribute like this: float randomRotationScale = ch("randomRotation"); float randomRotation = rand(@ptnum) * 3.14 * randomRotationScale; @orient = quaternion(randomRotation, @N); but it's not really doing what I want. I've attached an image and the hip file. It's something so straightforward I feel I miss something pretty basic seb felt.hiplc