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  1. Which Linux Distribution?

    The best distro, its like asking which is the best religion, or best kind of house to have. It really depends on your needs. For a neophyte (someone new) using houdini and such, Fedora, and CentOS is a Redhat enterprised opensource. I prefer gentoo, but gentoo is not for beginners. Ubuntu is another good Distro, but not officially supported. SimonTek
  2. Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950

    On laptops/notebooks, I prefer IBM's. Why? cause they tend to have the best support for linux. I am not a graphics person like ya'll are. I am the guy responsible for your machines being maintained, running etc. I am a gamer, so I tend to have the same video card choices. Well kinda, I prefer Nvidia, Cause it works with linux Operating systems better than ATI. The one think Intel has right now is they open sourced their drivers for their graphics. SimonTek