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  1. Blow pyro with fan?

    @jaymz.miller Do you still need this? sorry for late reply
  2. Houdini Console

    This does not work for me...?
  3. soap bubbles

    Hey there mate- did you ever get a chance to upload your file? I'd love to take a look at your bubble shader- it is PERFECT!! thanks
  4. Blow pyro with fan?

    You can apply a fan force mode after the Pyro solver. You will see the guide for the node in the scene and it is very intuitive after that. Crank the wind force up until you see your Pyro's behavior changing. Then turn it down a little bit to your liking and play with the other settings. Remember that it creates the node at 0 0 0
  5. Object Mask passes

    Hey mate- so it worked, finally! I had to do some tweaking that even I don't understand... But, why can't I just make an attribute called "foo" for a group of particles, and then make a simple AOV that is a white matte for those? Here's the project if anyone wants it: ParticleMultiMatte.hiplc
  6. Object Mask passes

    totally going to give this a try and report back - thanks man
  7. Object Mask passes

    Thanks Jordan. I'm actually not using any shader, because I want to use the colors that come right out of POPs... but I assume I can work around that.
  8. Object Mask passes

    Hi guys! Very helpful post, thank you. I'd like to apply a similar technique to particles - i.e. color them R, G or B depending on their Pop_Stream. But I'd like that to be an extra image plane. I tried the above technique which works great for objects, but not particles?
  9. Disable wheel mouse zoom

    gee thanks. The weird thing is it is only bad with cheap mice. IT's not a problem with my Logitech MX Master for some reason.
  10. Disable wheel mouse zoom

    Bumping this - driving me mad too!
  11. I think it is scene specific, because I can't replicate it at home.....! thanks
  12. Ok so after a lot of testing, apparently it does NOT need the source volume created by the fluid source node. BUT I'd still love to know the difference between copy add clamp sub multiply divide maximum minimum average Anyone have info on these? Closest I can find is here: http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=Smoke_and_Pyro
  13. Hi people - This has baffled me - why does the Source Volume node in a basic Flip network have Volume Operation tab and a Particle Operation tab? Couldn't it just source information from one or the other? Or maybe I'm reading them incorrectly - does "Source Particles" on the particle operation mean 'Create particles"? rather than source them from the particles on the source created by the Fluid Source node? thanks for help, Cameron EDIT - a quick test deleting the particles from the source node showed that it is indeed sourcing the particles themselves. SO a better question now is, what is it doing with the volume, in relation to the particles? On the tab it is set to "Volume Operation: Source Volume: Minimum" but I can't find docs on those options, nor can i figure out what it's doing (seems to be adding bulk at least!)