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  1. Classic shader - export tangent normals

    Thansk a lot pal! Another way I found while browsing the forums is to go to the mat context and TAB > Classic Shader, which from my understanding is a more recent version of the Mantra Surface.
  2. Classic shader - export tangent normals

    Yes I'd like to know as well where to find "hidden shaders" such as "mantra surface"...
  3. Material palette : personalize and backup ?

    Thanks Davpe. In the Sidefx forum they say it's better to use HDA, what do you think?
  4. Material palette : personalize and backup ?

    Hello Davpe, thanks for the info, I manager to do most of the things you advised. Now i have my own gallery *.gal file. I imported my gallery into the gallery manager, and it remains there after I restart Houdini. If I want to go forward I guess I have to add this gallery also in the material palette? Well it does not seem to work. After I click on the "Import gallery file" button and select my file, the personal gallery does not appear in the tree view. I can drag a material from gallery manager to material palette, but not a personalized material folder hierarchy... Also how can I edit a material in a personalized gallery? After I drag and drop a yellow material from gallery manager to material palette, change its color to blue, how can I save this change? Thanks
  5. Material palette : personalize and backup ?

    Thanks for the reply even if it is late! I found the gallery manager. The files are not in my user folder but in the install folder. Should I copy one of these file to my user folder so I can start my personalized Material Library?
  6. Eebling God bless you for your post! I had the same problem and was pulling my hair. I thought I would never resolve it but thankfully I found your thread! My problem is exactly the same : working on the local D: drive, I imported FBX and Alembic files into my Houdini scene. I didn't have bgeo files. When I opened the file through the network drive N: FBX files appeared normally, but the Alembic files were invisible. Other thing I tested was to import the same Alembic file in a new scene and it failed. Then I followed your advice and all went well! Question : my NAS, on which I mapped the N drive, is also a Synology. Does it happen only with Synology hardware? Or perhaps it's because the NAS has a different login than Windows...
  7. Hello all, I'd like to know if I can personalize the Material Palette by adding my own materials. Also, where would this personalized material palette be stored in the hard drive, so I can back it up and reload it on other PC's or Windows re-installs? Thanks Gz
  8. Hotkeys not working

    I think I'm narrowing down the problem. So for now my conclusions are: 1) On an azerty keyboard, combinations don't work on non-alphabetical keys : $,*,!, etc. But combinations like ALT+D or CTRL+ALT+P work well. 2) The speed at which one has to press the keys combination is important. If one press both keys too long, the tool is not activated! ​ Thanks Marty for your useful help! ​
  9. Hotkeys not working

    Thanks but "D" is already assigned to other important Houdini functions, that's why I prefer to set tools on combinations. Today, neither ALT+D nor ALT+* worked. ​ ​
  10. Hotkeys not working

    Hello everybody, I'm still new to Houdini and I'm tring to speed up my modelling workflow by setting hotkeys. The problem is, they don't work. The 2 first ops I tried to assign keys to are: "Polysplit" and "Edge subdivide". First weird thing, When I search the Hotkey Manager, I can't find these 2 ops. In the Houdini forum, someone told me to ​hold down Ctrl + Alt + Shift while clicking on a shelf tool to open Hotkey manager for that tool. So that's what I did. Then I set up "edge divide" to ALT+D. If I hover the mouse on the edge divide shelf tool, I can see my shorctut alt+D. So then, I create a new cube, select 4 of its edges, then hit ALT+D... nothing happens. I'm using an azerty keyboard, is this my problem? I set polysplit on ALT+* and I just got it working on the cube. But in other scenes it wasn't working neither... Thanks and see you soon, G