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  1. Hello all, I'd like to know if I can personalize the Material Palette by adding my own materials. Also, where would this personalized material palette be stored in the hard drive, so I can back it up and reload it on other PC's or Windows re-installs? Thanks Gz
  2. Classic shader - export tangent normals

    Thansk a lot pal! Another way I found while browsing the forums is to go to the mat context and TAB > Classic Shader, which from my understanding is a more recent version of the Mantra Surface.
  3. Classic shader - export tangent normals

    Yes I'd like to know as well where to find "hidden shaders" such as "mantra surface"...
  4. Material palette : personalize and backup ?

    Thanks Davpe. In the Sidefx forum they say it's better to use HDA, what do you think?
  5. Material palette : personalize and backup ?

    Hello Davpe, thanks for the info, I manager to do most of the things you advised. Now i have my own gallery *.gal file. I imported my gallery into the gallery manager, and it remains there after I restart Houdini. If I want to go forward I guess I have to add this gallery also in the material palette? Well it does not seem to work. After I click on the "Import gallery file" button and select my file, the personal gallery does not appear in the tree view. I can drag a material from gallery manager to material palette, but not a personalized material folder hierarchy... Also how can I edit a material in a personalized gallery? After I drag and drop a yellow material from gallery manager to material palette, change its color to blue, how can I save this change? Thanks
  6. Material palette : personalize and backup ?

    Thanks for the reply even if it is late! I found the gallery manager. The files are not in my user folder but in the install folder. Should I copy one of these file to my user folder so I can start my personalized Material Library?
  7. Eebling God bless you for your post! I had the same problem and was pulling my hair. I thought I would never resolve it but thankfully I found your thread! My problem is exactly the same : working on the local D: drive, I imported FBX and Alembic files into my Houdini scene. I didn't have bgeo files. When I opened the file through the network drive N: FBX files appeared normally, but the Alembic files were invisible. Other thing I tested was to import the same Alembic file in a new scene and it failed. Then I followed your advice and all went well! Question : my NAS, on which I mapped the N drive, is also a Synology. Does it happen only with Synology hardware? Or perhaps it's because the NAS has a different login than Windows...
  8. Hotkeys not working

    Hello everybody, I'm still new to Houdini and I'm tring to speed up my modelling workflow by setting hotkeys. The problem is, they don't work. The 2 first ops I tried to assign keys to are: "Polysplit" and "Edge subdivide". First weird thing, When I search the Hotkey Manager, I can't find these 2 ops. In the Houdini forum, someone told me to ​hold down Ctrl + Alt + Shift while clicking on a shelf tool to open Hotkey manager for that tool. So that's what I did. Then I set up "edge divide" to ALT+D. If I hover the mouse on the edge divide shelf tool, I can see my shorctut alt+D. So then, I create a new cube, select 4 of its edges, then hit ALT+D... nothing happens. I'm using an azerty keyboard, is this my problem? I set polysplit on ALT+* and I just got it working on the cube. But in other scenes it wasn't working neither... Thanks and see you soon, G
  9. Hotkeys not working

    I think I'm narrowing down the problem. So for now my conclusions are: 1) On an azerty keyboard, combinations don't work on non-alphabetical keys : $,*,!, etc. But combinations like ALT+D or CTRL+ALT+P work well. 2) The speed at which one has to press the keys combination is important. If one press both keys too long, the tool is not activated! ​ Thanks Marty for your useful help! ​
  10. Hotkeys not working

    Thanks but "D" is already assigned to other important Houdini functions, that's why I prefer to set tools on combinations. Today, neither ALT+D nor ALT+* worked. ​ ​