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  1. volume noise follow particles

    Hi Yon, Thank you getting back to me and sorry I was away from computer missed your answer. yes i want volume noise scale with point velocity.
  2. volume noise follow particles

    No one can answer or not clear what am i after? Thanks
  3. volume noise follow particles

    Hi Friends, how to do distorted volumes follow particles, emitting particles from pop and converting them to volume using VDB. adding some noise with volume vop. but I want noise on the volume respect to particle movement. should I need uv or rest atttr? could not find any example here. if anyone explains to me would be great, Thanks in advance, B,
  4. Ingenuity Studios seeking FX artists

    FX Test? it is just a few questions or you do ask to do some shots than asking scene file to see how to approach is. give us some detail Mr.
  5. İş İlanı-Görsel Efekt Sorumlusu

    What ? is anybody understand what is about? .....
  6. custom wave for flip

    something rolling single ocean wave, for instance I have wave tool done in sop, How can I create a force from that to drive my flip particles in DOP. like in houdini 16 ocean tool. I haven't played with houdini v16 but what Atom told me to use 16 which is now available to do such a effect hop that this is good enough explanation. sorry my poor english Thanks
  7. custom wave for flip

    Thanks Atom. But I am looking after same thing with houdini 15, would be great if I can have some tips or hip file B,
  8. custom wave for flip

    Hello all whee ever you are, I am trying to create a wave with flip from custom force, does anyone has experience for this, Thanks in advance B,
  9. how to correct particle axes

    Thanks Atom, appreciated,
  10. how to correct particle axes

    Why don't you just let the collision work naturally? Instead of using flat planes/grid, turn your particle object into a very thin box so it has an edge. It is very doubtful that the resulting collision with the ground plane will cause the leaf to stand on edge. More than likely it will fall on the flattest side. I am not sure I did understand this theory. If I am using pop how would I collide boxes as RBD?
  11. how to correct particle axes

    I need to get same result tutorial from peter Quint which is Particle Leaves, but it's old particle system, I do not know how to implement to new pop network, I have tried but did not worked. attached the file particle_leaves.hip
  12. how to correct particle axes

    no one ?
  13. Hey willlinks, Did you find the solution for this problem, hehehhehe six years later I had to know the solution,
  14. how to correct particle axes

    Thanks Atom, It si not really what I am looking for, in this case all particles oriented to same axe, which is not natural. I need when the particles hit to ground should be oriented themselve such as in 5 frame, Baram,
  15. how to correct particle axes

    Hi there, I am trying lots of papers dragging along the ground by wind(force), how to keep papers always parallel to ground, like papers spinning on the air when the landed to ground papers should lie on the ground, I could not figure out the how to correct axes, this is particle aproche Thank in advance, Baram