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  1. San Francisco Houdini User Group

    Update on the First SF Houdini User Group Meeting: The inaugural meeting of the Bay Area Houdini User Group will be taking place at the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park on October 6th, 2017 from 6:00-9:00pm. It will be hosted by the members of the Visualization Studio at the Academy, the team that makes the shows for the Morrison Planetarium. The team will showcase some of the work they have created using Houdini to illustrate and communicate complex concepts in science storytelling, and offer a sneak peek at their latest production, Expedition: Reef, that is due to premier in March 2018. So if you love Houdini and want to nerd out about it, you will be in good company! Background: The Visualization Studio is a team of artists who create science based stories using real data. They will demonstrate how they have used Houdini for: -Recreating the destruction of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake -Taking viewers through a lush kelp forest ecosystem -Creating an underground world of fungus, tree roots and soil -Visualizing real data on the earth, including airline flights, container ship traffic and whale migrations -Generating an accurate model of the the Solar System using data from NASA -Populating an entire coral reef with thousands of tropical fish -Traveling from the human scale down to the microscopic scale to see things in a whole new way I am quite excited about the event and have seen some of the visuals these artists create - amazing stuff! To RSVP email sfhug2017@gmail.com or sign up as a member of the SF HUG Facebook Group (Events section). URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/300964337051165/
  2. San Francisco Houdini User Group

    The SF Houdini User Group will have a kick-off meeting at the Morrison Planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences on October 6th (6-9:30pm). We'll discuss everything procedural and listen to a presentation by the team of awesome Houdini artists creating the shows at the Planetarium! Event details can be found at the newly created San Francisco Houdini User Group Facebook Page - so please, join that as well if you live in the area. If you have any questions or want me to add you to the email list for the new SF HUG, let me know. Patricia
  3. Knitting with SideFX Houdini?

    Turkish Houdini artist Alican Görgeç is producing amazing knitting work - using SideFX Houdini! If you'd like to find out more about his technique, you can read our new Gridmarkets artist profile: http://www.gridmarkets.com/alican-gorgec.html
  4. Hi everyone! Serjan Burlak, our new GridMarkets Featured Houdini Artist, describes his personal journey towards artistic mastery. His contribution to our series of artist profiles is a must read for anyone who has every struggled with their artistic path. We hope you enjoy the article, Patricia and the GridMarkets Team
  5. SF Houdini User Group

    Hi all, We are thinking of forming a Northern California Houdini User Group with SideFX's support. Those of you who'd love to join, please PM me. Also, if you have any friends in the Bay Area, let them know that this is in the works. Thanks for spreading the word! A first step to kickstarting the SF HUG will be to open a FB group. More on this soon. Patricia
  6. Hello everyone, Are you curious who our new GridMarkets Featured Houdini Artist is? Meet Saber Jlassi, Senior Cinematic TD at Blizzard and also a great Houdini teacher! Hope you enjoy the feature, Patricia and the GridMarkets Team
  7. Hello everyone! Our new GridMarketsFeatured Houdini Artist is Ehsan Parizi. Learn why he dedicates time to personal projects and discover his colourful Houdini growth patterns! We hope you enjoy the new feature! Have a great week, Patricia and the GridMarkets Team
  8. Hi everyone, We're excited to share our interview with Manuel Casasola Merkle as part of our ongoing GridMarkets Featured Houdini Artist series! He is the cofounder and partner at Munich-based studio Aixsponza and cocreator of the popular Houdini tutorial series Entagma. Enjoy the new feature, Patricia and the GridMarkets Team
  9. Hi everyone, Are you a big fan of the Houdini Tricks website? We are - that's why we invited the man behind Houdini Tricks, motion designer and developer Erwin Santacruz, to be our featured Houdini Artist. He's not only a tireless contributor to the Houdini community, he is also a great teacher. Here, he walks us through building Python shelf tools in Houdini. We hope you enjoy his tutorial as much as we did, Patricia and the GridMarkets team
  10. Hello everyone, Are you into pyro? Then you might like our new GridMarkets Houdini Artist Profile! Alex Halstead , Senior FX Artist at Iloura, shares his workflow for digital fire effects. I hope you enjoy his thoughts on how to create spectacular and believable digital fire, Patricia and the GridMarkets Team
  11. Hello everyone! Our new Featured Houdini Artist is Hernan Llano, FX TD at Framestore London. Aside from being a really nice guy and a pleasure to work with, I found his career path fascinating - read our interview with him to find out why. Hernan has also graciously agreed to sharing a detailed video tutorial about using applied vectors in Houdini - I hope you enjoy his helpful tips. Patricia and the GridMarkets team
  12. Hi everyone, I'd like to share the second part of Hernan Llano's awesome Houdini tutorial about applied vectors - enjoy! Patricia and the GridMarkets team
  13. Hello everyone, Our new Houdini Artist Profile is not a tutorial. Instead, CG Supervisor David Cunningham describes the skills and qualities that he feels make a good FX TD. Technical proficiency is only part of the equation - read on to find out what else matters: www.gridmarkets.com/david-cunningham And before I forget, check out David's amazing reel as well. Have a great week, Patricia and the GridMarkets team
  14. Hi everyone, I love to explore the intersection between art and mathematics; that's why I am particularly happy to share this new Houdini Artist Profile with you. Heribert Raab, Senior FX TD at Image Engine Design, describes his journey through the world of fractals and presents some of his beautiful creations. We hope you enjoy the article, Patricia and the GridMarkets Team
  15. Hello everyone and Happy New Year! We are launching our 2017 series of GridMarkets Houdini artist profiles by featuring talented French Houdini artist Maxime Causeret! Don’t miss the background on his spectacular new Houdini video, "Order from Chaos", created for electronica and techno producer Max Cooper and recently selected as a Vimeo staff pick. We hope you enjoy the article, Patricia and the GridMarkets team
  16. Hi everyone! GridMarkets' new Featured Houdini Artist is Alvaro Segura, Houdini FX Lead at MPC Los Angeles. He shares his thoughts on art, shows us how to build a simple fractal system using VEX and as a bonus, we get a glimpse into the cloud system he is currently building. We hope you enjoy this last profile for 2016 and wish you all a Happy New Year, Patricia and the GridMarkets Team
  17. New GridMarkets featured Houdini Artist: Ramiro AMK Fernandez from Argentina Is it possible to create an entire Universe using Houdini? Talented art director and digital artist Ramiro AMK Fernandez from Argentina shows us how it's done! You can read his Artist Profile on our website: www.gridmarkets.com/ramiro-amk-fernandez We hope you like this new feature, Patricia and the GridMarkets team
  18. New GridMarkets Houdini Artist Profile: Ramiro AMK Fernandez

    Done - thanks Marty. Easier to click through now... Patricia
  19. Hello everyone! Our new GridMarkets Featured Houdini Artist is Varomix from Mexico. Don't miss his detailed video tutorial on how to create an asset in Houdini for use in Unreal Engine. We also added an interview with Varomix, where he shares his thoughts on how he uses Houdini. Enjoy, Patricia and the GridMarkets team
  20. Animal Logic's Matt Estela is our new GridMarkets Featured Houdini Artist! He manages to explain a complex and confusing topic such as DOPs in simple and efficient terms - check out his amazing tutorial here.
  21. GridMarkets Featured Houdini Artist: Matt Estela explains DOPs

    Hmmm, I tried it from the office and it seems to work fine. If anyone else has problems, let me know. Here is the link again, just in case: http://www.gridmarkets.com/matt-estela.html Patricia
  22. Hello everyone, Our new GridMarkets Houdini Artist Profile features Adam Swaab, Creative Director at Wolf & Crow. Adam specialises in design-based VFX using Houdini and here he shares some key ideas on his design process. We thought his article was very insightful and thought-provoking and hope you find it interesting as well, Patricia and the GridMarkets team
  23. New Houdini Artist Profile

    Hello everyone, We are very excited to share our latest GridMarkets Houdini Artist Profile with you! This time we interviewed Norwegian artist Erik Ferguson, whose wrinkly and saggy creatures have taken Instagram by storm. We hope you enjoy our latest feature, Patricia and the GridMarkets team
  24. Hi everyone! Following the success of our GridMarkets Featured Houdini Artist profiles, we are excited to introduce our new series of Featured Animation Schools. The focus of our first feature is CG Spectrum Film and Game School, based in Melbourne, Australia. We'll get the opportunity to learn some advanced displacement techniques for materials from CG Spectrum’s Houdini instructor, Ben Fox, who kindly shares one of his video tutorials with us. http://www.gridmarkets.com/cgspectrum.html Let us know what you think, Patricia and the rest of the GridMarkets team