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  1. Is there a particular workflow for Alembic nodes inside bundles? When using bundles that contain alembic nodes (/obj/geometry/alembic) inside Mantra ROP candidate objects, it fails to recognize the alembic nodes. You can't even select them from a list. Only the geometry node level is visible. I can of course split each hidden group ( inside the alembic node) into their own geometry node, but this just creates extra work. I rather use packedit and call whatever i need inside bundles. Any ideas? Need more information? cheers Gordon
  2. Extra Image Planes

    Just tested this and it does work, also for rv, like you say not sure if this is legit, but it works! Will post back if anything breaks down the line. cheers Gordon
  3. Extra Image Planes

    Ah didn't see this reply, but this is my point exactly.
  4. Extra Image Planes

    Hi all, cheers for the replies! Sorry for not being totally clear. I want to output extra image planes into different exr files. Currently if i don't name my channel, it will take the VEX Variable name. In nuke the channel looks like this. ( say i name my extra image plane "occlusion") rgb rgba alpha occlusion other This of course is not a major problem, however its not very convenient. It's not a very vfx production way of working. I want each separate aov (extra image plane) in the rgb channel. No extra channel needed. In this case: rgb <= this is where i want my occlusion pass. Without needing to shuffle channels. rgba alpha other This makes it cleaner for handing over your render passes to Nuke compositors and Flame artist. Also viewing your image in tools like RV which automatically looks into the rgb channel. If i view my extra image plane in RV it comes out black, becuase there is no information in the RGB channel. I will try naming my channel rgb and see if that works cheers Gordon
  5. Extra Image Planes

    Hi all, In my ROP node I have set the extra image plane with "Different File" turned on. Gave it if a channel name like "rgbOut" and save it as open EXR ( Houdini 14). Viewing the extra image plane inside nuke, there is no information in my rgb channel. Mantra puts it into a separate channel. I can't seem to find a way to render extra images planes (aov with their own file directory and name) into their own rgb channel, like any other 3d package would do. If I don't give it a channel name it will simply use the parameter name as the channel name. I cant see the point of this, what is the work around for this? Cheers Gordon