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  1. Smoke Solver | Tips and Tricks

    Nice! Thanks for sharing!
  2. The Houdini Boutique - T-shirts and Hoodies

    Hello, tell me please, any chances to see new t-shorts with hou 16 stuff?) thanks!
  3. Ripple solver on a deforming mesh

    look this http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/?title=Houdini#Point_and_attribute_transfer_together and this http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniDops#Ripple_solver hope it help you
  4. Hello Guys, I have some issue with @orient values for particles on POP context after plugging POP torque / POP spin.When I plug one of this nodes my copied geo on particles start look like on ex_v01 gifBefore sim I randomize v@N for random look instanced geo after coping to points.When I bypass POP drag / torque all look fine randomized, because I think use Normal for adjust orientation, on randome direction gif you can see it.How I can randomize orientation value at the beginning of simulation particles?Thanks advance!
  5. From low to high viscosity value fast blend in Flip Fluids

    This is scene file, please look. cheese_v04.hip
  6. From low to high viscosity value fast blend in Flip Fluids

    This is how my temperature field look
  7. From low to high viscosity value fast blend in Flip Fluids

    Of course, I need control viscosity parm by time or temperature because falling cheese in to box will be affected by keframe animation too but at the beginning I need keep it like milk or similar..
  8. Hello guys, need your help, About week I fight whit this and without success... So, please look on example. This is a cheese cream. If you look closely at beginning falling cheese have a small viscosity value (create some splashes almost like a milk or similar) and after some time he become more viscous (create some almost static ripples). I was try to affect viscosity value with temperature value (like lava effect) and try some manipulations with age of particles but this is didn’t show proper result. I'm stuck..... Any suggestions and attached hou files will be most appreciated.
  9. smoke affected by custom wind square look on the edges

    Oh man, I absolutely forget, after dopnet i/o I put volume resample node. With mantra settings all ok. Resim for now straight from dopimport. Tnx
  10. Hey guys! Need your help. I create some smoke going on top and decide add some custom vel field. I follow this masterclass but after sim I got this strange square look on edges of the smoke... Any suggestions?
  11. Growing attr on surface

    Oh yeah! Site of one great lead from Animal Logic! Tnx!
  12. Growing attr on surface

    Oh, ok, I'll try to explore PQ setup, thank you man for links. + to your Carma
  13. Growing attr on surface

    Yes, of course I search on vimeo first, but, P Quint in second lesson show full setup and I was try repeat but without succes..
  14. Growing attr on surface

    Guys! Need your help! I stock.... Here is my issue. I have some particles that when impact with the surface (grid for example) create attr (marked as red for example). My task is grow this attribute by the time on surface in differnt directoins. I understand that effect can be achive by using SOP Solver, but can't understand for now how to do this. Explaning about how to make that happen will be highly appreciated! I attach hipnc file with my problem. Thank you advance guys! growing_attr_002.hipnc
  15. 8152: Fatal error: Segmentation fault

    I have same issue with sim, I'm trying turn off cache but problem not solve, any additional sugestions?