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  1. Silly Challenge no. 2

    here u go!! using basic trignometry cheers, Mir
  2. Happy Birthday mir!

    Thanx guys!!!
  3. new challenge

    convert a grid into a sphere ... using only point SOPs
  4. new challenge

    deform the grid into a cylinder and then pinch the edges in the x and the y direction Mir
  5. new challenge

    thats how i got it done... small_sphere.zip
  6. well... how about if u use the impulse attribute on your source POP and tell it to emit particles only on the first frame...and tell it to emit particles from all the points on the geo...eg. impulse activation : $FF==1 impulse rate : npoints("....../sphere") keep the velocity to zero...so that the particles wont move until u apply a force to them... hopes this helps Mir
  7. crowd simulation

    ok.. go to http://www.red3d.com/cwr/steer/gdc99/ this guy Craig Reylonds wrote this paper on steering behaviour for flocking systems...these r the concepts that i've implemented in my flocking system. these r the basic concepts that u'll find everywhere... i've created a VEX SOP which gives u control over the three major attributes of a flocking system (separation, cohesion and allignment)... and since i cannot use the attractor POP options for object avoidance , im thinking about writing my own object avoidance code (in the same flock code)... Mir
  8. crowd simulation

    ok...i got the basic flocking system working...(through vex) one problem though...if i try and use the collision POP or the attractor POP to navigate around object , it gets screwed up....probably something to do with the fact that houdini processes the whole particle network as one rather than take it linearly... so how should i go about adding the collision or attractor POP...or will i have to write my own attractor VOP???
  9. Importing code into the VOPs

    inline VOP would be a better option... cuz it also gives u the attribute to include your own .h files...that way ur inline code would be much cleaner ( u can put all your functions in the .h file) Mir
  10. crowd simulation

    u can still use other parts of POPs with your vex SOP... u can output your pop into the SOP editor , workout your vex_SOP...and then in your pops editor u can use a velocity POP and using the "point" function u can import in the values from the vex_SOP...and from there u can just build up your POP network. hope this helps
  11. crowd simulation

    hey betty... yeah im using VOPs to create a spicedup interactSOP...im making a SOP cuz it offers u more functions than a POP ( for eg. the import function is only applicable in SOPs)...VOPs or VEX does give u the ability to come up with these missing features. right now i've managed to come up with this flock_SOP that implements the field of vision and allignment behaviour...as soon as i get it down perfect i'll start working on the cohesion and seperation behaviour...and after that object avoidance and avoiding a moving particle (like small fish swimming away from a shark)....so lets see wat happens!!
  12. Atmosphere Objects in Houdini 5.5

    ok....once u've generated the i3d files , u create a volumetric atmosphere SHOP in there u import in the i3d file sequence. after that u go to the object level and create an atmosphere object...and in the atmosphere object u specify your volumetric shader as the SHOP volumetric shader u created earlier - this links up your atmosphere object to the i3d textures. Hope this helps!!
  13. crowd simulation

    u'r right...the interact POP is not cool enough... a basic flocking system should have attributes for cohesion,allignment and seperation behaviour ...combined with field of vision the interact POP does not have any attributes for allignment behaviour and field of vision...thus its lacking one of the most important features of a basic flocking system. i think the only way u can get it done is by writing your own SOP or POP (one of my current ongoing projects...I'll keep u guys posted on the progress)
  14. vex function

    hi there... i have just started working on VEX... wat i'm trying to do is that i wanna compare the velocity attributes of two particles...for eg. particle ID 5 and particle ID 10... how should i go about doing that... the poppoint() function does not work in VEX!!!it would have made things really simple... Mir
  15. vex function

    thanx man!!! thats exactly wat i need!!
  16. vex syntax

    how can i declare arrays in VEX??
  17. vex syntax

    i mean...it really sucks that vex does not support arrays...
  18. vex syntax

    thanx man... its sucks that vex does not support vex... hey where can i get a list of functions that r supported by vex
  19. vex syntax

    ok...the other approach did not work... so can somebody plzz tell me how to declare and use arrays in vex or vops
  20. vex syntax

    ignore first post... i found out a way to work around it...
  21. Pin Table

    heres the map file for the city shot... working on creating a simple image sequence in afterFX to show the city growing out of the table...
  22. Pin Table

    hey guys... i got it!! everything is procedural ... the no. of pins , width of each pin etc... used tex()
  23. CHOPS to a channel

    if u want to combine all the channels ....input all the chops into a math chop and add them...thus giving u a single output..
  24. silly challenge

    hi everybody... i'm kinda new to this forum (this is my first posting!!) i solved the first two challenges... rolling cube and rolling cubes with different velocities and sizes... i tired out the rotating 90degrees and popping it back again into place...it worked out fine but its gonna look silly if u have texture on it... so then i tired this new approach....have the cube rotate about its pivot and move it up and down accordingly so that it seems that the edge is always touching the floor...then move the cube ahead with the same speed as the rotation speed... this approach is working just fine... there r no key frames and everything is procedural...u can change the size and the velocity on the fly... i'll be posting the animated file next...( as soon as i make one) currently working on the third challenge.. this is fun!!!