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  1. Membrane tearing

    Hey guys, thank you for your comments, @andehpandeh no I did not follow any tutorial, the trickiest part was to access vellum constraint with a sop solver inside the dopnetwork, but apart from that, the vellum solver is doing all the heavy work
  2. Membrane tearing

    Hi gang ! Here is my latest vellum file, I played around with noises and constraints. My goal was to emulate a membrane tearing, much like a burning film: You can download the hipfile and play around with it tearing_share.hip
  3. [SOLVED] Colored smoke turns dark

    That seems to work, THANK YOU I've been stuck for hours on this haha
  4. [SOLVED] Colored smoke turns dark

    Hi gang ! I'm stumbling across a weird issue and I'd sure like to get some insights about this. I'm trying to color a smoke simulation (having seen Steven's volume III course). But I'm getting a weird issue that I can't wrap my head around. Basically my color field gets contaminated and the disease spreads on. here is what I mean: I'm using both types of pyro solvers, sparse and classic. This issue happens on both. Here is a screen of my simple scene: If you guys have any idea why this is happening that would be fantastic Cheers color_smoke.hip
  5. vellum hair break [SOLVED]

    Worked like a charm ! Thanks mate
  6. vellum hair break [SOLVED]

    Hi, exploring vellum i'm trying to break an hair geo by enabling the "break threshold" option in the "vellum constraint" SOP. I must be missing something on the constraint workflow of vellum because it has no effect at all on the sim :'( I'd be curious to know if any of you managed it ! Thanks vellum_hair_break.hipnc
  7. Vellum Cloth and String weld

    Thanks a lot, makes more sense now ! Have a good weekend
  8. Vellum Cloth and String weld

    Hi guys, I'm playing around with vellum but something is bothering me: I want to attach a string to a cloth but I cannot do it if they are 2 different vellum objects in DOPs The example file will be much clearer than what I write but the question is: Does all the vellum objects need to be merged to build a constraint network, am I using the wrong method meaning I should create the constraints in another way ? Thanks for you help ! cloth_and_string_01.hipnc
  9. Hi guys, I'm having trouble setuping a simple shadow matte material in Arnold for houdini, I don't know how to lay out my network to get only the shadows in the alpha channel of the grid: 01_default render 02_shadow matte render but wrong alpha 03_other failed attempt Any insight on how to properly use the shadow matte node ? Thanks a lot ! shadow_matte.hip
  10. voronoi fracture, cluster and glue issue

    Thanks a lot Atom I'll chek it out as soon as I can ! So I've taken a look to your tutorial, very enlightening. But what you are saying is that the only way I could achieve "multiplefracturing" is by deleting the glue bonds ? No way to setup some kind of double glue, one for the clusters and one for each individual piece ?
  11. hi! I'm facing some kind of issue: I would like to fracture a geo, then create clusters from the voronoi pieces, then be able to break those cluster based on the strenght of their glue attribute. So far I only get this kind of result: A glue strenght of -1 should give me infinite strength right? so why are my pieces breaking appart inside the same cluster ? What am I missing ?? here's a simple hip if you'd like to correct me. Cheers ! voronoi_clusters.hipnc
  12. Hi, I'm facing a pipeline issue: I'd like to scatter dozens of object in maya using the houdini engine. It's working fine if I scatter a simple object like a torus. BUT in order to keep my scene light I would like to scatter arnold .ass file. But houdini engine doesn't recognize ass files. Do you know how i could avoid that, or maybe use Htoa.. The point is to be able to scatter and control a huge amount of object without getting a heavy scene thanks
  13. Volume Advecting a Wire Sim?

    Hi, nice effect ! I tried something according to what you said but I can't get any advection. Is there something that I miss? [edit] my bad : "react to fluids and smoke when the Tangent Drag and the Normal Drag have been chosen sufficiently large" read the doc...
  14. Sand collision

    Hello everyone ! I'm trying to get an object impact sand. To achieve this kind of effect I planned to create a setup based on this great idea: https://vimeo.com/155198661 Here is what I have so far: Unfortunately I lack the maths to go further. What I need is to spread my velocity vectors outward from the collision mesh and also to remove any vectors that are "BEHIND" the motion. I was wondering if there was a way to ramp down the density using a volume VOP and the BB attribute but no luck so far, or find a way to emit more grain at the front, avoid a constant emission within the volume. Do you guys have any suggestions ? Cheers ! sand.avi collide_setup_01.hipnc
  15. organic tissue target geometry animation

    Many thanks ! it was that and my polycount was different from the animation to the organic tissue.