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  1. Hi guys, I'm having trouble setuping a simple shadow matte material in Arnold for houdini, I don't know how to lay out my network to get only the shadows in the alpha channel of the grid: 01_default render 02_shadow matte render but wrong alpha 03_other failed attempt Any insight on how to properly use the shadow matte node ? Thanks a lot ! shadow_matte.hip
  2. voronoi fracture, cluster and glue issue

    Thanks a lot Atom I'll chek it out as soon as I can ! So I've taken a look to your tutorial, very enlightening. But what you are saying is that the only way I could achieve "multiplefracturing" is by deleting the glue bonds ? No way to setup some kind of double glue, one for the clusters and one for each individual piece ?
  3. hi! I'm facing some kind of issue: I would like to fracture a geo, then create clusters from the voronoi pieces, then be able to break those cluster based on the strenght of their glue attribute. So far I only get this kind of result: A glue strenght of -1 should give me infinite strength right? so why are my pieces breaking appart inside the same cluster ? What am I missing ?? here's a simple hip if you'd like to correct me. Cheers ! voronoi_clusters.hipnc
  4. Hi, I'm facing a pipeline issue: I'd like to scatter dozens of object in maya using the houdini engine. It's working fine if I scatter a simple object like a torus. BUT in order to keep my scene light I would like to scatter arnold .ass file. But houdini engine doesn't recognize ass files. Do you know how i could avoid that, or maybe use Htoa.. The point is to be able to scatter and control a huge amount of object without getting a heavy scene thanks
  5. Volume Advecting a Wire Sim?

    Hi, nice effect ! I tried something according to what you said but I can't get any advection. Is there something that I miss? [edit] my bad : "react to fluids and smoke when the Tangent Drag and the Normal Drag have been chosen sufficiently large" read the doc...
  6. Sand collision

    Hello everyone ! I'm trying to get an object impact sand. To achieve this kind of effect I planned to create a setup based on this great idea: https://vimeo.com/155198661 Here is what I have so far: Unfortunately I lack the maths to go further. What I need is to spread my velocity vectors outward from the collision mesh and also to remove any vectors that are "BEHIND" the motion. I was wondering if there was a way to ramp down the density using a volume VOP and the BB attribute but no luck so far, or find a way to emit more grain at the front, avoid a constant emission within the volume. Do you guys have any suggestions ? Cheers ! sand.avi collide_setup_01.hipnc
  7. organic tissue target geometry animation

    Many thanks ! it was that and my polycount was different from the animation to the organic tissue.
  8. organic tissue target geometry animation

    No one ? Do you know a way to create some tentacles ? I was planing on animate a mesh and the convert it to organic tissue then constraint the body to the animation except for the tip of the tentacles. But I cant use the animation.
  9. Hi, I'm trying to achieve what you can see in this video at 55:50 https://vimeo.com/86125312 I'm doing exactly what he does but I cant manage to get my animation. Here is a very simple Hip file . Do you know what I'm missing? Thanks ! FEM_targetGeometry.hip
  10. Wax melting, candle burning

    Thanks ! sorry I did not have the time to get back on this, I'll as soon as I can
  11. Wax melting, candle burning

    I understand the way you describe but have no idea how to proceed for saving P then reapplying it. I'm gonna try the delete group method as soon as possible
  12. Kill isolated particles

    Hi could you upload a basic hipfile on how to apply this script or vopsop ? It would really help for I am fairly new to houdini . Thanks
  13. Wax melting, candle burning

    exactly ! you can see here that the particles with 0 velocity are getting pushed by the other ones, I may not understand correctly how to zero the velocities though.
  14. Wax melting, candle burning

    No I haven't tried more substeps, applying your setup does increase the sim time consequently on my machine. Would it be possible to take the position and freeze it insted of freezing the velocities ? here is my last flipbook, because I don't know how to delete particles in DOP and to reduce the draging effect I only melt the outer edge and hope to be able to remove the remaining part with a vdb combine. flip_003.mov
  15. Wax melting, candle burning

    When upping the viscosity the wax still get pushed away and I get some nice fireworks too visscosity.mov