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  1. ROP Subnetwork Node

    I'm trying to create a custom ROP_Node implementation that works like a subnet. I want the user to be able to dive into the node and add a select set of stock ROP nodes. The node will expose a couple of simple parameters. I've subclassed ROP_Node and overridden isNetwork to return 1. I've also created a custom OP_OperatorFilter to expose only the nodes I want allowed internally in the node. This allows me to create the node in houdini and dive into it, but I'm unable to add any nodes inside. I get permission errors whenever trying to do this. I've tried changing the flag when adding the node to operator table in newDriverOperator(). I've tried OP_FLAG_NETWORK, OP_FLAG_GENERATOR and a combination of & and | those two together. The permission issue doesn't go away. Is creating a subnet-like ROP node possible? I feel like I'm missing a subtle piece of implemenation. I've attached an image of the error I get. Thanks for the help.