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  1. Wireframe and UV Distortion with mantra

    perfect, looks good as a start, thank. only proplem of this approach is the inconsistent thickness of the lines. but should work for now!
  2. Hello, i am trying to render a wireframe of the topology straight from mantra. Feely a bit stupid, but it seems way more complicated then i thought. I read about wren or creating a "wireframe-geo", but in my case, i need it from mantra as an additional image plane (via bind export). Trying to create a mantra beauty render of an asset as kind of Model QC, so besides the wireframe it would be great to also include the uv distortion (as in maya) in my render, to see if the uvs are strechted or compressed. most important is the wireframe, would be great, if somebody could point me in the right direction. Cheers, Daniel
  3. adding metadata to exr

    we did, aroud 40 days ago but still no response from side effects
  4. adding metadata to exr

    sorry, jon, was to busy to answer you. your script works perfect and excactly what i wanted. had a similiar approach but missed something, i guess. the only odd thing is, that it only works in houdini 14 and not in any houdini 15 version, maybe some kind of bug
  5. adding metadata to exr

    Hey there, first odforce post and of course a question. i am currently looking for an option to add costum meta data to my render output (exr file). to be more specifiy, i want to save the focal length of my render cam to the meta data of my exr to read them later on in nuke. all ready found a way to put it in the comments, but would be cleaner to have it as costume data. i even found the vm_image_exr_attributes, but it seems like its not working (or i am using it wrong). would be great to get some help. cheers