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  1. FLIP group based on collision vel

    I wonder how you solved this problem?
  2. White water question

    @caskal,@Andrea, Dear Guys, I have the same problem with the 2nd video you posted, it looks like the velocity it is gone after the whitewater sim started, but I checked my whitewater source and flip compress cache note, there are velocity attributes. and I use the compress as the emitting source, but still got this problem, do you guys know or how do you fix this problem? cause this is my first time to try the H17 whitewater. I am so confused. I am going to update the pic or playblast here later today. thank you so much in advance!!

    hi I had the same problem about my flip tank, could you tell me how you fixed it or some tips how to avoid the dropping? thanks so much
  4. My experiments, with source files

    thank you!, it help me a lot!! thank you thank you thank you!