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  1. Hey, @Krion what i remember about PhysicalSSS will be building in Material Builder (was in Shop) in MatNet they use Ce Parameter connected to sss single or multiple of PhysicalSSS think Rohan Dalvi at least was showing it in Material Shader Buiding, maybe you saw it already very roughly it would be smth like in file with else promoting needed parameters Principled Shader kinda should be user-friendly, so i think it's probably already in-built in Principled Shader as you select in Surface > Subsurface Scattering parameters though maybe i'm not right, going to check this Houdini 16 Masterclass | Custom Shading SideFX 3D Houdini Animation Masterclass - New Shading Features but there is relatively old thread i would check too ouh and look at it... just read and read and read and @Krion just out of interest was looking inside of Principled Shader (Allow Editing of Contents) it's somehow hardly coded but maybe you'll get some ideas from there or just will discover smth interesting else thought about your pic, not sure if it's a valid way or smth, but just for playing have done this, my eyes say there is a difference in rendered result PhysicalSSS_001.hipnc
  2. if you will select Model > Physical SSS there is Enable Multiple Scattering checkbox where you can find Quality parameter and the same thing under Enable Single Scattering there are Intensity and Quality
  3. just wanted to nod to the dleonhardt's answer and to particle separation ... may i visualize it as i was playing with (Particle Separation = 0.02) hm... or you can bypass gravity :? but it will kill simulation i guess cup_of_water_001.hipnc
  4. Similar select

    that's a pity it's not what you're after
  5. Similar select

    and I do believe SideFX has really cool video about this and more complicated nice stuff Circle from Edges
  6. Similar select

    what you describe reminds Pattern Selection select a polygon (point/edge) and a next one with Shift press Shift+P to create Valid Pattern then > Shift+up arrow/ down arrow key (clockwise and counterclock-wise) (with Ctrl+Shift+up/down > Expand Forward/Backward to End) or left and right arrows - to grow selection in other directions with K you may prehighlight selection and Ctrl+Shift+E > to Select Boundary Edges
  7. strangely, maybe it's a bug or something, and highly possible i don't understand what you want, but for me pressing on Paint activates paint node without auto entering into subnetwork
  8. mm! so pretty - cherry icon on it
  9. you may find them by typing in the Textport > opunhide (you'll see the list of contexts) we need Shop type > opunhide Shop you'll get all the hidden nodes' list we need this > ophide Shop mantrasurface type > opunhide Shop mantrasurface after this node should become available in the Shaders or in the Textport > -> cd /shop /shop -> opadd mantrasurface this will add node to the shop or write in the Python Shell > >>> node = hou.node('/shop').createNode("mantrasurface") and hit Enter