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  1. vellum grains attributes

  2. Changing Color components

    thanks guys, this works great
  3. Changing Color components

    I have a bit of an interesting problem which I thought was going to be easy I have one of Houdini's pictures loaded in : Mandril.pic I want to change only the red areas to whatever color I want. I know there is the hue shift and color correct nodes... but that will hue shift all the colors at the same time. How do I only Hue shift the red channel to change it to whatever color i want??? vector to float >float to vector doesn't seem to work for this situation ...probably because Cd.x is not a vector... This is driving me a little crazy... I will attach my scene file with my attempted methods. Thank you change_color_component.hipnc
  4. clustering import

    anyone ?
  5. clustering import

    Hello, So I am using the "Smoke Trail" Shelf tool on a simple emitter flying through the air. I want to be able to cache out cluster 1 , cluster 2, cluster 3, separately . Is there a way I can call it out from the dop import node? clustering_import.hipnc
  6. Updating RBD constraints from deforming geometry

    i switched the constraint type to "both" instead of rotation which fixed it ...but now but now they seem to be spinning way to quickly. ap_constrain_to_animated_anchors_soft_rotation_v2.hipnc
  7. normal along geometry

    both these methods work great. thanks guys,.
  8. normal along geometry

    Hello Seems like i am stuck on something simple but not that simple. I have a tube with no subdivision. I am trying to get the normal to point along the edges of the tube . I managed to get it using some simple vector subtraction. The problem is when I try and scale the bottom of the tube, the normals do not respect the direction anymore and they point outwards. How can I fix this so that it respects the direction and angle of the geometry.... I will attach my file and some photos to show you what i mean. Also if you open up my file you will see on the side that I was also trying to rebuild each circle from scratch so that I can subtract them to get a Normal but I don't know how to bridge them together to create geometry... Thank you. normal_along_geo.hipnc
  9. rbd forces question

    ahh . didnt realize it created a new name . thank you.
  10. rbd forces question

    @FlorianEggers Thank you ! that works. I noticed there is actually a sop called "glue cluster" that does the exact same that i was doing in the wrangle. It seems to set the attribute correctly but it does not actually work in dops. Is there a way to get this node to work properly ? forces_question2.hipnc
  11. rbd forces question

    Hello all, I am trying to go a little more in depth with the rbd force nodes in houdini. I am working with the magnet force in particular. I have a constraint network with random constraints set to a strength of -1 which means it will never break. However, when I use the magnet force on this constraint network it breaks everything and does not respect the strength of -1. Why is this ? How can I use the magnet force to respect the attributes I set to the constraints? I will attach my scene file for anyone that wants to take a look. Thank you forces_question.hipnc
  12. if statement in scatter sop

    never mind i think i got it
  13. if statement in scatter sop

    oops, i accidently sent that with out finishing... So that if statement does not work...am i doing something wrong with the syntax?
  14. if statement in scatter sop

    hello, I am trying to write an if statement with a fit function inside a scatter sop. Basally I want to gradually decrease points over time after a certain frame. I got the fit to work so that it gradually decreases over time : fit($F, 1, 10, 14, 0) So this scatters 14 points and decreases over 10 frames.I got that... now I want to be able to specify when the scatter starts if($F>50,fit($F, 1, 10, 14, 0), 0)
  15. crowd transition bounding box

    Hello , I am learning crowds in houdini and I have just figured out transitioning... However something is not working. I want to transition into a state when the agent is inside the bounding box and STAY in that state even when it leaves the bounding box... What is happening is that it switches to the state I want inside....but then it automatically repeats to the other states that I have set up initially. Is there a way where I can switch to a certain state inside the bounding box and keep it in that state the whole time ?? I will attach my scene file for anyone that wants to see. Thank you crowd_transition_bounding.hipnc