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  1. Hello, I have two emitters that are emitting packed objects every frame. I want to apply a unique pop wind for each emitter to give each emitter it's own velocity direction. I have it all setup, I just need a way to get the pop forces to know which rbd packed object to apply it to. It seems as if the group option in the pop wind does not pick up on the rbdpacked object, perhaps for obvious reasons. Is there a way i can get my forces in pops to talk to the rbdpackedobject? I have a multisolver setup . I will attach my file for anyone that wants to take a look. Thank you popforces_talking_to_rbdpacked.hip
  2. Particles avoiding objects

    Yep this works as well! Thank you mestela !
  3. Particles avoiding objects

    Thank you karanjaura, this is exactly the effect I needed. Works perfectly. But I am just wondering...is there an easier way to achieve something like this? I was assuming Houdini would have some built in tools to make particles avoid objects...Surely a beginner would not come up with a solution like in that video. Really appreciate the help!
  4. Particles avoiding objects

    Hello, I am trying to make my particles avoid an object as they move along the Z direction. My object in this case is a sphere plugged into the second input. I have tried the pop axis force which technically works...however it becomes very hard to control when I add more forces to the particles like the pop wind. I tried the pop attract with negative values but the particles end up accelerating which is not what i want.... also tried the "pop steer obstacle". which is also very hard to control.. I feel like I am going down the wrong path here. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. I will attach my scene file for any one that wants to take a look. Thank you. avoid_object_pops.hip
  5. inverted collisions rbd

    works now, thanks guys !
  6. inverted collisions rbd

    Hello, I am trying to make my small rbd packed objects collide inside of a collision geometry instead of outside.... I clicked "invert Sign" in the static object which works perfectly when working with the pop solver...but bullet doesnt seem to recognize what I am trying to do. I even tried inverting the normals on the collision geo. Seems like I am missing something here.. I will attach my scene for anyone that wants to take a look. Thank you. invert_collision_rbd.hip
  7. grouping particles inside pop advect volume

    Thank you for the help.. I ended up finding the group by "bounding volume" in the group node.
  8. hello, Is there a way to group the particles that are only effected by the pop advect by volumes pop? I can do it by proximity but it creats a perfect circle around the effected area, which is not what i want. Thank you
  9. add vs copy source volume

  10. add vs copy source volume

    Hello, So I have a slow moving sphere animated across the screen then I set it on fire Now I noticed that if I visualize the fuel, the fuel obviously gets trailed behind since it is moving and the source volume is set to "Add". Makes sense. However, this is a problem for me since I didn't want a trail of fuel igniting more fire..I want the fire to stick to the object perfectly. So I brought the Fuel inefficiency to 0 which helped but did not solve the problem 100%. The problem was solved when I turned my source volume to "copy" . so now the fuel is not added every frame and no ugly trail. However, this changes my whole simulation..I now have to add in 4 times more fuel, I have to add more temperature which means I have to change my shape settings etc etc. My question is if there is a way to get rid of the fuel trail like how "copy" does it, but still have the source volume set to "add"?? Would appreciate any insight on this. I will attach a scene file for anyone that wants to have a better idea on what I am saying. thank you add_vs_copy.hip
  11. velocity to rbd

    this is great alvaro. thank you!
  12. velocity to rbd

    Hello, I am trying to bring my custom velocity field into dops so that it works with my fractured rbd packed objects I know how to set velocity on my packed objects themselves and use that velocity in dops , but I don't know how to bring in a surrounding velocity field to effect my rbd objects.. I thought bringing it in through a sop solver might do it, but I am clearly missing something here... I'll attach my scene file for anyone that wants to take a look. thank you. VELOCITY_TO_RBD.hip
  13. Attribute driving a fit range value

    thank you
  14. Reflection pass Pyro

    So looks like the indirect_reflect sort of works I just had my reflectivity at a low value. However, It does not show the color of the fire, only a grey scale reflectivity. Any thoughts on how I would get the color in the reflection pass?
  15. Reflection pass Pyro

    Hello, I have some fire and I want to export out a reflection pass along with my render. I applied a reflective material to my floor, with the color all black so that you can only see reflections. Then i tried setting up my aov in the extra image plane tab and set a few parameters indirect_reflect direct_reflect direct_reflectivity reflect some of those work , but don't work on my fire. I need a pass that only has the fire reflection. What am I missing here? I Can't seem to find a thread discussing pyro reflections. If someone wants to take a look at my file or direct me to a proper thread, i would appreciate it. Thank you ReflectionPass_fire.hip