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  1. rbd and pop collision

    @DrughiThank you for the response. I know how to extract the impact attributes from rbd , but the pop collision attributes are better for certain situations. For example in this situation, I am trying to extract only the first impact point of each rbd object. The problem is, if the rbd object moves around on the floor after it falls, the rbd impact data will create several different impact points as it moves around on the floor. I only need the first one. I'm not sure how to extract this using the rbd impact attributes I know the pop collision detect has an attribute called hittotal which determines how many times the particle has collided. From there I can extract the first hit pretty easy. But i'm not sure how to extract this with what the rbd impact attributes. Would love to get your opinion. Thank you
  2. rbd and pop collision

    hello, I am trying to find out how to get the "pop collision detect" node to work with my rbd sim. I need to get the attributes that the popcollisiondetect creates such as the hitnum, hitprim, hittime etc. I can see the attributes in my geometry spreadsheet but they are all set to 0. I can get other pop nodes to work with and RBD sim like pop force but why doesn't the pop collision detect work ? I will attach my scene for anyone that wants to take a look. Thank you rbd_collisiondetect.hipnc
  3. attribute noise sop

    @animThank you, I will check that out
  4. attribute noise sop

    Hello, I am trying to use the attribute noise sop to add some noise to my velocity. My basic question is, how do I change the frequency ? The attribute noise only has options for the amplitude, element scale and element size. It does not provide the standard noise options like frequency and roughness. I know how to create my own custom velocity in a vop but I wanted to be able to use the attribute noise sop for this. I will attach my scene for anyone that wants to take a look. Thank you h17_src_vel_frequency.hip
  5. randomize density methods

    hello I am trying to randomize multiple smoke sims using a few different methods. 1. in a volume wrangle using a fit and ranom expression based of the id of the smoke sim 2. through the shader using the same expression in the density paramter. None of these methods work. I was wondering what I could be doing wrong. If I had hundreds of copied smoke sims how would I randomize the density in a procedural way? Thank you randomize density in shader.hip
  6. Converting integer to string atoi

    @Skybarthank you!
  7. Converting integer to string atoi

    @Atom Thank you for the response Atom. That makes sense now. I can't help but ask a few follow up questions. So as you mentioned, my name attribute in this case has the same length prefix which is making it easy to isolate the integer for the atoi function. So if I had a different name attribute with a longer length prefix then it will return 0 if I were to use the same expression . My question is , how would I automatically detect the length of the name prefix to always isolate the integer at the end ? My first thought would be to find the length of the string using the len function.. i@mylen=len(@name); i@nameInt= atoi(s@name[@mylen:]); But this of course wont work because that will find the length of the string including the integers. Is there anything else I should be looking into to achieve this ? Thank you
  8. Converting integer to string atoi

    Hello. I am trying to get the integer value from my rbd piece names "piece0", piece1", piece3", etc . and convert that into a string I am trying to do this based on what the help card has said: int atoi(string str) i@nameInt= atoi(s@name); Am I not doing this correctly? this will return 0 Any help would be appreciated. thank you. atoi_int_to_string.hipnc
  9. nearpoints error

    this is file for anyone that wants to see. nearpoints_question.hip
  10. nearpoints error

    hey. I am learning the nearpoints function but for some reason it is giving me an error. I am just trying to store the first value in the array into a my own variable. I am writing this: i@pts[] = nearpoints(1,@P,40); i@First_Pt = @pts[0]; Shouldn't I@First_Pt give me the first value in the "pts" array ? I am not sure why it is giving me an error. Thank you
  11. bounding box orient to emitter pyro

  12. ray to center normal

    @Ryan Thank you this helps
  13. ray to center normal

    hi everyone, I have a small issue where I am trying to direct my normals in a procedural way. I have two rows of objects and a line in between them. I am trying to use the ray sop to set normals on the objects to point in the same direction of the line. I check on "point intersection normal" on the ray sop but this only solved for one half of the row. Why is the first row pointing in the opposite direction and not towards the line? Maybe there is a better method? Any help would be great. Thank you direct_normals_ray.hip
  14. hello I am trying to make a custom age attribute in pops using a sop solver. Basically I have particles sliding down a sphere using a pop collision detect. I want to add a new age attribute to only the sliding particles. In the sop solver I use an if statement: f@myage=0; if(@sliding>0){ @myage+=@TimeInc; } however, the @myage attribute does not accumulate and only stays at a certain low value. What am I missing here? I will attach my scene for anyone that wants to take a look. Thanks! custom_age_particles.hipnc
  15. scaling pyro sims

    @ejr32123Thank you. This helps.