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  1. SOP RBD Solver - glue and soft constraint problem

    @fencer Thank you fencer this is exactly what I was looking for. I must have been using the vex expression wrong last time I tried it. Thank you!
  2. Hi there everyone I am working with the SOP bullet solver and I am trying to do something simple. I am trying to delete glue constraints on sop level while having control over my soft constraints.. . When I click "Overwrite with SOP" I am able to break the glue constraint but then I lose the parameters for breaking my soft constraints like the Angle Threshold etc. I think I saw this question asked before on here but I cant seem to find it. I will attach my file for anyone that wants to take a look at the issue. Thanks ! sop_rbd_solver_soft_and_glue_problem.hipnc
  3. disablecollisions attribute RBD

    Hello, I am wondering how to get the @disablecollisions attribute to work. This comes with the rbd constraint properties sop. I read the help file and it just says : "Disables collision detection between the constrained objects." when I enable it, nothing happens . I was expecting the collisions to disappear in dops or something. I have a test file for anyone that wants to take a look. Thanks disable_collisions_rbd.hipnc
  4. forces or advection - pyro

  5. forces or advection - pyro

    Do the pyro shaping microsolvers like Turbulence, disturbance, shredding etc go into the force or the advection slot on the pyrosolver? It works in either one but I was wondering what would be the correct one? I'm guessing it is forces but I want to know if there is any situation where I plug it into Advection or even sourcing like I've seen some people do ? A little confusing.. Thanks
  6. Cone twist constraint stops suddenly

    Thank you @Ultraman . This works much better. It still stopped at a certain point but I put in the "w" attribute in the "Overwrite Attributes" parameter and it works great
  7. Cone twist constraint stops suddenly

    Hello, I am trying to setup a simple blade spinning on an axis using a cone twist constraint. The blade is aligned to the base properly. The blade starts spinning normally but then stops suddenly. It also looks like the blade drops. I will show you a screenshot and attach my file for anyone that wants to take look. Thank you cone_twist_blade_prob.hipnc
  8. Vellum- collapsing tree-

    @Noobini wow yeah.. that would be it. Thanks Noobini.
  9. Vellum- collapsing tree-

    @Noobini That's the video I'm following. I'm putting in the exact same values but mine collapses like someone poured acid on my tree. I opened up the sidefx file and copied over the vellum constraint that he uses, and it works fine. Makes no sense because I'm using the exact same values. My Houdini version is 18.5.408. I'm wondering if the vellum constraints node has changed since that masterclass came out. I will attach my new file comparing the sidefx constraints and mine. Thanks tree_vellum2.hip
  10. Vellum- collapsing tree-

    Hello, I am trying to simulate a simple tree using vellum. It is a simple default L-system tree in Houdini. The problem is that it collapses to the ground no matter what I do. I tried increasing the bend and stretch stiffness on the vellum constraints to a really high number but nothing seems to make it stand on its own. I am going a little crazy . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you tree_vellum.hip
  11. create lines from point cloud to center point

    @vicvvshThis is great, thanks a lot. I broke down your code line by line and it makes complete sense now. appreciate the help
  12. Hello I have a bit of an interesting problem. I have a bunch of small point clouds and I want to create a line from each point to the center point. Each point cloud has its own id. The center point has a matching id . I thought using an addprim function would do the trick but its not working... I have something like this: if(i@id==i@idt){ int prm = addprim(0, "polyline", i@id, i@idt); int vtx = addvertex(0, prm, @ptnum); } I will attach my file for anyone that wants to take a look. Thanks create_line_point_cloud.hip
  13. foreach -setpointattrib

    @bunker Thank you for the examples Bunker. Makes sense now
  14. foreach -setpointattrib

    hello. I am trying to set color to the points in the array that the nearpoints function found. I am trying to set it in a foreach loop. However, it is not working for some strange reason. I'm sure im going wrong somewhere. Here it is: i[]@ptarray = nearpoints(1, v@P, chf("maxDist"), 133); foreach(int pt; @ptarray){ setpointattrib(0, "Cd", pt, {1,0,0}); } foreachloop_setpointattrib.hipnc
  15. foreach- index vs iteration of all points

    @haggi Thanks for the explanation. Makes a bit more sense to me now.