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  1. mocap biped 2 - Cd attribute

    Hello, I am working with mocap biped two in Houdini 16.5. I object merged the mocap biped geometry from obj level into sops so that i can manipulate it. I am trying to get scatter particles on the geo and inherit the color from the material... However this does not work since there is no Cd attribute only a material_shoppath attribute....so my question is how do I turn the material_shoppath attribute into a Cd attribute so that i can use it normally ? Thank you
  2. crowd dops transition help

    @3dome Ahh of course. Thank you 3dome.
  3. crowd dops transition help

    Hello, I am trying to get a simple transition to work in dops. I got it working perfectly in sops using the "agentcliptransitiongraph" node and the "test sim_crowdtransition" node. I remembered to plug the transition graph path into the crowd object in dops... I set up the transition and trigger from one state to another as well. However it still does not work, it only uses one state . I am trying to go from a zombie run to a walk Any help would be great. I will attach my scene file for anyone that wants to take a look. Thank you. transition_help.hipnc
  4. grouping procedurally

    @3dome Thank you 3dome this works !! @konstantin magnus Amazing stuff konstantin, thank you for both methods. works perfectly!!
  5. grouping procedurally

    Hello, I am trying to group points procedurally 3 at a time. I have a simple line and I am trying to apply if statement logic to it. It works but it is not fully procedural since I would have to keep copy and pasting the if statement in order to group more points. Is there a more procedural way to do this using vex or perhaps another way ? Any input would be appreciated. I will attach a photo and a scene file to show you what I am talking about. Thank you! group_by_3_procedurally.hipnc
  6. Hello, I have a bit of an interesting problem with my simple bullet simulation. I added custom velocity to my fractured pieces which basically explodes them outwards in dops. I got it to work perfectly , even with a glue constraint. Now when I make half of my pieces active and the other half non-active, then NOTHING explodes in dops. It just stays still. I figured out that if I disable my glue constraint , then it works. Why is the glue constraint interfering with the active attribute? This is driving me up the wall. My goal is to explode half of the wall with the custom velocity and constraints I created. I will attach my scene for anyone that wants to take a look. Thank you constraint_network_active_attribute.hipnc
  7. findattribval in for loop

    Ok. makes sense. Thank you !
  8. findattribval in for loop

    hello, I am currently studying findattribval vex function and I am trying to do the second example in the help docs here: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/findattribval.html I am trying to find point 10 with the id attribute and move it on the y axis by 2 and set the color of that point to red. I am getting an error... I will attach my scene for anyone that wants to take a look. Thank you. findattribval.hipnc
  9. Constraints, custom velocity and active attribute

    @Graeme Thank you for the response Ok so from what I understand is that the constraints break on impact with the floor even if it is very very slight. It creates an impact attribute which is also multiplied by the velocity set on the packed pieces (which i am not sure why it would do that but ok..) Is there a way to set a custom impact attribute in sops so that it will override the impact attribute automatically created in dops ? Thank you for the help !
  10. findattribval in for loop

    Thank you Noobini , this works. This is the first time I am using this function. Is it possible to get the second example in the help docs to work in 16.5 ? Help docs example: for (int point_num : findattribval(0, "point", "age", 10)) { // ...do something with the point... } I guess I am just trying to simplify this as much as possible for a better understanding. Thank you for the help
  11. findattribval in for loop

    Hi Step, thank you for reply. I am currrently using h16 . I might be a little confused on how to get this working. Is there an example you can show me with find attribbval function? Even with the third example I can't get it working properly. I am trying to make point 10 turn red and move it up on Y. int count = findattribvalcount(0, "point", "id", 10); int point_num; for (int i = 0; i < count; i++) { point_num = findattribval(0, "point", "id", 10, i); @Cd=set(1,0,0); @P.y+=3; } This ends up doing it to all the points instead of point 10 only. Thank you.
  12. Constraints, custom velocity and active attribute

    Hi, thank you guys for the responses. @tamagochy Don't glue constraints work with forces and velocities? What are the glue constraint looking for in order for it to break ? @Graeme & @vicvvsh Thank you . This worked perfectly. However, even though I understand that physically removing the constraints will work, I don't understand why I have to do that.... When everything is 100% active , it will explode the way it should with the constraints....but if only 50% is active the constraints will not explode.... Why do the glue constraints not respect the velocity when given a certain area to be active??
  13. python-creating and selecting nodes

    Hi Atom, Thank you for the response. I am not sure what is going on in the first half of the code. def returnValidHoudiniNodeName(passedItem): # Thanks to Graham on OdForce for this function! # Replace any illegal characters for node names here. return re.sub("[^0-9a-zA-Z\.]+", "_", passedItem) # Create the Material node. mat_name = returnValidHoudiniNodeName("mat_%s" % local_name_only) node_mat = node_geo.createNode("material", mat_name) if node_mat != None: node_mat.parm("shop_materialpath1").set("/shop/%s" % shader_name What exactly is going on here? Thank you again.
  14. python-creating and selecting nodes

    Hello, I have some python code that creates two different nodes in the `out` context. My question is. how can I create multiple nodes in one line instead of two. So far I have this: mantra=hou.node("/out").createNode("ifd"); hou.node("/out").createNode("geometry") Is there a way I can shorten this line of code so that I can store both nodes that are being created in one variable? My goal is to basically connect them as they are created. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
  15. Python- creating a node from obj to out

    Perfect. Thank you Atom. Always very helpful.
  16. Hello, I have run into a problem that needs a bit of python work. Basically what I am trying to do is create a mantra sop in the `out` context when I click a button in the `obj` context. I found out how to create a node in the same context. For example: file_sop = hou.pwd().parent().createNode("file"); file_sop.parm("file").set(hou.pwd().Make_File_Button("sopoutput")) This will create a file node on spot every time I click the "Make File Button". How can I tell it to place a mantra node in the `out` context where it belongs ? I'm still a beginner in python, any help would be greatly appreciated . I will attach my file for anyone that wants to take a look. Thank you python_make_node_button.hip
  17. Slow down rbd After Cache

    How could I forget about the time blend.... Thank you Atom.
  18. Slow down rbd After Cache

    Hello, I am trying to slow down a simulation after I cache it out using a timewarp. If I use the timewarp right after the dop import, it works fine. But if I use the same timewarp after I load in the cached rbd sim, it does not work. I will show you my file if anyone wants to take a look. Thank you. RBD_slowdown.hip
  19. pop advect stopping at bound

    Hey ejr. Thank you, this works!. Definitely is a good starting point !Appreciate the help
  20. pop advect stopping at bound

    Hello, I have points that are being advected by my smoke sim. The problem is the points end up stopping where the bound of the smoke simulation ends. This obviously makes sense since there is no velocity beyond the bounding regions of the smoke sim. But how can I continue the velocity in a smart way beyond the bounds of the smoke sim? . I know that I can add extra forces to the particle network but that tends to make the whole simulation look different and it breaks up that nice advection. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I will attach my scene file for anyone that wants to take a look. Thank you. popadvect_stopping.hip
  21. pop advect stopping at bound

    anyone have any tips? doesnt seem to be working to well..
  22. pop advect stopping at bound

    Thanks ejr. I tried to do exactly that by calculating the distance from the particles to the edge of a box which represents the bounding box of the pyro sim. Then I remapped the distance attribute from 1-0 and remapped that to the velocity blend. It did not work as expected but I feel like I'm moving in the right direction. Going to look at it tomorrow. I'll attach my scene file to show you what I did. popadvect_stopping.hip
  23. pop advect stopping at bound

    @garf Thanks but I already tried this. It technically works but it also loses a lot of the swirling detail that I was trying to achieve in the first place. @ejr32123 Hmm.I set it to repeat, which repeats it from the bottom of my fluid container. I am not sure How I am supposed to apply this velocity to my particle sim. My actual scene has a very high resolution pyro sim that took a really long time to cache out. I am trying to advect points through this pyro sim without it getting stuck. If I use repeat , not only do I have to cache out my pyro sim again, it just repeats it from one end of the fluid container but the velocity still stays within the bounds. I am trying to extend the velocity outside of the bounds in some way. Maybe I am not applying this method correctly? Appreciate the help. Thanks guys
  24. hello, I am trying to copy a relative reference but only keep the path and not the value. For example. if i paste `chs("/obj/EXP/dopnet1/pyrosolver1/turb_swirl_size")` then obviously it will return the value of that parameter. However, I am trying to procedurally paste this relative reference but only keep the path so that it does not return the value. So basically : /obj/EXP/dopnet1/pyrosolver1/turb_swirl_size I am setting up a wedging system and want to make things as easy as possible without having to go in and manually write out paths. Is it possible to use the relative reference but to somehow remove the `chs` part procedurally? but maybe I am thinking about this wrong. Thank you.
  25. Polyreduce losing fracture pieces

    Hello, So i have a fractured object that I am trying to create a low resolution proxy using the polyreduce. It works fine except that after I use the polyreduce inside the foreach it loses some small pieces . I need to have the exact same amount of pieces after I use the polyreduce so that it matches the high resolution object. My high resolution fracture has 359 points after I pack it. and my proxy has 353 pieces after I run the polyreduce on it and pack it. I tried playing around with the setting on the polyreduce but it doesn't work...even tried to use the reference mesh input. Not sure I understand this fully... if anyone can take a look that would be amazing. Thank you. polyreduce_losing_pieces.hip