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  1. add vs copy source volume

    Hello, So I have a slow moving sphere animated across the screen then I set it on fire Now I noticed that if I visualize the fuel, the fuel obviously gets trailed behind since it is moving and the source volume is set to "Add". Makes sense. However, this is a problem for me since I didn't want a trail of fuel igniting more fire..I want the fire to stick to the object perfectly. So I brought the Fuel inefficiency to 0 which helped but did not solve the problem 100%. The problem was solved when I turned my source volume to "copy" . so now the fuel is not added every frame and no ugly trail. However, this changes my whole simulation..I now have to add in 4 times more fuel, I have to add more temperature which means I have to change my shape settings etc etc. My question is if there is a way to get rid of the fuel trail like how "copy" does it, but still have the source volume set to "add"?? Would appreciate any insight on this. I will attach a scene file for anyone that wants to have a better idea on what I am saying. thank you add_vs_copy.hip
  2. velocity to rbd

    this is great alvaro. thank you!
  3. velocity to rbd

    Hello, I am trying to bring my custom velocity field into dops so that it works with my fractured rbd packed objects I know how to set velocity on my packed objects themselves and use that velocity in dops , but I don't know how to bring in a surrounding velocity field to effect my rbd objects.. I thought bringing it in through a sop solver might do it, but I am clearly missing something here... I'll attach my scene file for anyone that wants to take a look. thank you. VELOCITY_TO_RBD.hip
  4. Attribute driving a fit range value

    thank you
  5. Reflection pass Pyro

    Hello, I have some fire and I want to export out a reflection pass along with my render. I applied a reflective material to my floor, with the color all black so that you can only see reflections. Then i tried setting up my aov in the extra image plane tab and set a few parameters indirect_reflect direct_reflect direct_reflectivity reflect some of those work , but don't work on my fire. I need a pass that only has the fire reflection. What am I missing here? I Can't seem to find a thread discussing pyro reflections. If someone wants to take a look at my file or direct me to a proper thread, i would appreciate it. Thank you ReflectionPass_fire.hip
  6. Reflection pass Pyro

    So looks like the indirect_reflect sort of works I just had my reflectivity at a low value. However, It does not show the color of the fire, only a grey scale reflectivity. Any thoughts on how I would get the color in the reflection pass?
  7. Small tablet or laptop for Houdini

    awesome thank you guys. I will look into all of your suggestions!
  8. Small tablet or laptop for Houdini

    Hello, I am looking to get some sort of tablet, notebook or laptop for Houdini. The key is to have something as small in size as possible that can run Houdini . I am not doing any real production work on it. The goal for this would be to basically have this at my desk at work so that I have reference to setup files or R&D stuff that I have done at home, since we don't have access to internet or USB at work for security reasons. I was looking at the system requirements for installing Houdini here: https://www.sidefx.com/Support/system-requirements/ and it is pretty easy to find something with the processing power and ram. However I am not to sure on the graphics . Most tablets and notebooks that I am looking at have integrated graphics on it and I am not sure if Houdini 16 will handle it. Again, it is not to do any sims or anything. Although that would be a bonus... I really just need reference to Houdini files and be able to see whats in the viewport. I am not a hardware guy, especially when it comes to graphics cards. If there is anyone with experience with this, and can point me in the right direction , that would be amazing. My budget is around $1200. Thank you.
  9. Polyreduce losing fracture pieces

    Even Better ! Thank you sir
  10. Small tablet or laptop for Houdini

  11. Polyreduce losing fracture pieces

    Thank you Noobini, this works great. I know but the real object I am fracturing is very high res and after the fracturing it has a combination of really big pieces and really really small ones. Which means I had to go a little crazy on the percentage in the polyreduce to make the really big pieces low poly...but the small pieces obviously suffer Your method is awesome. Appreciate the help.
  12. onoise on copied lines

    Ahh makes sense.. Thank you bunker!
  13. onoise on copied lines

    Hello, I have a bunch of lines copied to points. I make a ramp based on the curveu then apply the onoise function after I copied the lines It works fine, just that when i increase my noise really high, it seems like the geometry travels in a particular direction and not truly randomized. I apply this wrangle after i copy the lines int turb=chi("Turb"); float rough=ch("rough"); float atten= ch("atten"); @P+= onoise(@P,turb,rough,atten)*@Cd.x; I looked up the onoise function in the help files, and i have followed it directly. Maybe I am missing somthing else? I will attach my file for anyone that wants to take a look Thank you Noise_on_lines.hip
  14. coins stacking noise (vops)

    Hello, I have a line with points. I copied some coin geometry to each point so it looks like the coins are stacked on top of each other. In vops I apply some noise to the line on the x and z axis so that it looks like the coins are not perfectly stacked . My result is ok, however it looks like my coins are all slanted I am not sure why I am getting this. I will attach my file for anyone that wants to take a look. Thank you. coins_vops.hip
  15. coins stacking noise (vops)

    ahh makes sense. thank you toadstorm.
  16. bbox vector placeholder question

    Hello, I recently stumbled upon some code that had something like this: vector min, max; getbbox(min,max); So is vector min, max is basically creating two empty placeholder vectors: (0,0,0) and (0,0,0) ?? So when I say getbbox(min,max); ..it really means: getbbox(0,0,0), (0,0,0)); ???? I know the getbbox is supposed to set two vectors for the min and max corners of the input geometry, but how does it calculate it if I am just giving it two empty placeholder vectors (0,0,0)...how can I see this in an attribute in the geometry spreadsheet so I know what the placeholders are really doing ? Sorry for the silly question...Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  17. bbox vector placeholder question

    Hi Bunker, This makes sense now. Thank you very much!
  18. opinput question

    hello, I have a grid, and a sphere plugged into the second input of the point wrangle. Trying to create some color following the sphere if I move it.... just wondering why this doesn't work. I am trying to store the current position of the grid into an attribute called v@origP. and then i store the current position of the sphere from the second input into an attrib called @myP...however it says their is an error. Not sure what im doing wrong here. @P=v@origP v@myP= v@opinput1_P; @Cd= length(@origP-@myP); I will attach my file for anyone that wants to take a look. Thank you opinput_p_question.hip
  19. opinput question

    ahh ok. Makes sense now. Thanks mate!
  20. control fuel and temp by ramp

    Hi Atom. Thank you, this works great. I didnt realize that Time plays a factor in this. Why is that? Is it becasuse I am working with dops ? Thank you
  21. control fuel and temp by ramp

    Hello I have a ramp after my fluid source in sops that is mapped to the fuel and temp. However, I was expecting dops to pick it up and add in fuel/temp based on the ramp. It is not working. I made sure I am using a volume wrangle of course. I think I am missing something. I will attach my scene file for anyone who wants to take a look. Thank you. fuel_temp_ramp_fire.hip
  22. control fuel and temp by ramp

    Hey Atom seems like i followed exactly what you said but the ramp still does not drive the sim in dops. So i scattered points and created a fuel and temperature attribute. I duplicated the fluid source, one with fuel and one with temperature..and i added in my ramp before the fuel fluid source. Is this the correct way? I am trying to get the fire to stop emitting based on the ramp of the fuel. appreciate the the help fuel_temp_ramp_fire_v2.hip
  23. opinput question

    Hi thank you for your reply. Both your methods work great and it is exactly what I was trying to do. I was actually trying to get more familiar with @opinput. If i replace opinput instead of point into your code: v@myP = v@opinput1_P; @Cd = fit(length(v@P-v@myP),0,5,0,1); I would think this would have the exact same effect, but instead the color goes to the center of the grid. I am not sure why? Thank you for the help
  24. pyro parent to animation

    Hello, I have a simple animation of a ball moving across the screen. ( This is supposed to represent an object moving across a very long distance) I want to transform that ball to the center and simulate fire. after the simulation I want to transform the fire back to the original animation. However, even though I inherit the velocity of the animation, the fire still looks parented and unnatural . Is there a way to simulate at the center of the world and then transform that simulation back without it looking unnatural and parented? The reason i want to sim at the center is because it would be much more difficult to simulate fast moving objects traveling across very long distances. I was thinking maybe some sort of average of the transformation of the ball?? I'm just not sure how. I will attach a scene file for anyone who wants to take a look Thank you pyro_parent_back_to_anim.hip
  25. pyro parent to animation

    brilliant. this makes more sense. Thank you karanjaura!