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  1. HK Toon

    Hi Hwee, Could you please fix the avi file of your HK_cloud. Some PPI would like to see your effect. Thanks so much
  2. Hapi Beefday :)

    Happy Birthday, Calosus !
  3. Happy Birthday to ...

    Happybirthday ! Happybirthday ! Happybirthday to you, SZYMON !
  4. Grow up my stems !

    Thanks Mike C. It's a good idea ! I'll try it Pianne
  5. Grow up my stems !

    More Pretty Forum !!! == It's really so cool ~! In my shortstory, I wonder to have an effect about "Grow the stem up". In Houdini platform, I could choose the "L-system" or just use "Exclude" function for Random stem grow. BTW, I need to use Maya for my animation. Is the best way for me to use composing? Or, has the best scripting for Maya to exclude the surface? Could anyone advise me some methods? Thanks, all! Pianne