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  1. Fluids flow of geometry

    Thanks for the help, decided to make through volume.
  2. Fluids flow of geometry

    Good afternoon. With simulation, the fluid does not completely fill the geometry, and in the middle there is some kind of emptiness. Guys, tell me what is not doing it right? clock_2.hip Retop.obj
  3. Render glass in version 16

    Can you tell me where this setting is? He thinks very long. http://joxi.ru/nAyobyRiJvn1mZ
  4. Render glass in version 16

    Hey. Guys, tell me how to make a glass in 16.
  5. Melt UV textures

    Good afternoon. Guys, tell me how to solve the problem with the UV texture? It is not displayed correctly. help who knows. please test_melt_1.hip
  6. Rotating points

    Is it possible to make the rotation in 2 axes «X» «Z» object, but that would be at the point of just moving on «Y» axis. If you start to rotate in the 2-axis, stray points. test_plane.rar If help is not difficult to understand where the wrong?