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  1. Hi! I'm using houdini engine with cinema 4D. I've got several C4D projects with a hda that read files. When I just click on render, my scene is rendered perfect, but when I added my project to render queue, C4D alerts me that it doesn't found my digital asset and I need to render several projects during the night and I cannot be all the time in front of the computer waiting until one project finished render to click and render the other project. Does anyone knows if there is a way to solve this?? Thanks!!
  2. Thank you @fathom , but it I think I didn't understand something. Maybe i'm getting lost somewhere. In the first input I plugged the high res mesh, in the second a .bgeo of the points of the sim first frame, and in the last one the drop i/o Is that the correct set up?? Thanks!
  3. hi there!! I've melted an object using flip fluid solver and I was wondering if there is a way to apply a "low" sim resolution to the "high" (original) mesh. In another project using vdb fracture I could be able to apply the low sim to the original mesh by connecting the original geometry into the second input of convert vdb node and checking "transfer surface attributes", but I don't know why this method doesn't works for me for my flip fluid simulation. If it helps in this video: https://vimeo.com/85149964 The person who upload it, comments this: "I cheated a bit by wrapping the low res simulation to my high res geometry " Can anyone help me?? Thanks!!!
  4. Hi everyone!! I have done a ground of sand using grains of houdini shell. I want this ground to start with relaxing particles in frame 1, so when my sand balls falls from the sky, it interacts with the ground. I have done this tutorial (https://vimeo.com/117734637) because this is what I need but instead with rigid bodies, with grains, but it doesn't work (it load the initial state but the solver doesn't read the sand balls) I have read that the pop object dop has a field called "initial geometry" that it might works, but I don't know how it works because I have to connect this field to a sop. And I don't understand how houdini knows what frame of the original simulation I want it to be the initial state. I also want that once I have the relaxed grains in frame 1, these interacts with the sand balls falling from the sky. Hope you understand but I trying to say. Thanks!
  5. yes, I try it. I don't know what i'm doing wrong. It doesn't work for me...
  6. Hi!! I want to add to the simulation I upload, an initial rotation (in X) to the object (particles) that follow the inertia without putting keyframes, but in the pop drag node I can't modify the rotation. I tried to do it with different nodes but I couldn't make it work. Thanks! sand 4.hip
  7. pop force for dynamics

    yes, I had I little bit trouble. Here is a hip file. I want to add to this simulation a initial rotation to the object (in X) that follow the inertia without putting keyframes, but in the pop drag node I can't modify the rotation. I tried to do it with different nodes but I couldn't make it work. sand 4.hip
  8. Hi everyone! Hope you understand what I'm trying to explain because it is a little bit difficult to me. I've done a pop solver (wet sand) using two objects. I add different forces to each object because I want them to collide in the air. I don't want them to go straight to the floor. The simulation runs, but the effect that produces the forces I added (pop drag) is a constant force and I need that the particles follow the global gravity inertia. There is a capture so you can understand better. Thanks!
  9. I could improve a little bit more the resolution, but I can't get the original mesh. Here is the project file. cube test.hip
  10. Hi everyone! I have done a melted simulation that works perfect using flip fluid from object. The problem that I have is that the mesh of the original object change. I want to melt a perfect cube, but the corners are smoothed. Is there a way so I can melt the original mesh in high resolution?? thanks!