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  1. Atom's Link Page

    thanks! very useful
  2. Group by size

    Thanks guys, a big help!
  3. Collection of technical papers and videos

    Nice! Thanks for the link
  4. The Procedural Art of DragonMaze

    nice.. thanks for sharing
  5. Holy crap @mestela just seen all the other pages you've made. What a legend! U deserve a case of beer sir! The vex stuff was consise and easy to follow. From not understanding it at all I feel far more confident to use a wrangle sop! Much appretiated
  6. awesome. looks perfect... will let u know how it goes!
  7. On that note.. from someone without a programming background, any suggestons where to dive in to start learning VEX, good tutorials/resources?
  8. legend! man, I gotta learn vex....
  9. Howzit, Ive really tried not to post this question and figure it out myself but im afraid ill lose all my hair before that happens. Im trying to recreate a logo I made in cinema 4d, as im trying to switch over completely to houdini and would much rather do the animation for the ident in this software. super simple to setup in C4D with grid array cloner, 1 random effector controlling scale with linear falloff on y axis, and then 1 mograph colour shader picked from the spectrum also with the same falloff, now ive made a start with copy stamping and got the scale to randomise but haven't been able to figure out the gradient/ramp yet or come close to getting the colour the behave in the same way.. any help will be much appreciated.. thanks Tim
  10. 1 year of SOP playing.

    epic! really drives me to carry on, carrying on!
  11. particle erosion file

    Awesome thank you!
  12. Im following along on Ben Watts Lava tutorial and after caching my mesh to disk I see some (6 in total out of 240) of the frames are 0 bytes in size. Any ideas as to why this is happening? Ive tried caching the particle sim first to see if that helps the mesh sim, but it doesnt.. Thanks in advance