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  1. 3D model search engine

    Do you like cartoons? Or maybe you are doing them yourself? We'll found for you all 3d different cartoon models from the web on the 3dmdb search engine.
  2. 3D model search engine

    Hi, everybody! A month ago we've started 3d model search engine. Its like a Google, but only for 3d models. http://3dmdb.com/ - 3d model database. Soon we'll add filters and search by pictures and by topology/profile/shape. What else is necessary for your opinion? Would be great to get any feedback from you. Thanks.
  3. 3D model search engine

    There are more than 116 000 of the car models available for download on 3dmdb.com search engine. 20 000 of 3d models of sports car are among them.
  4. 3D model search engine

    There are more than 11 thousands of 3d human body on the 3dmdb.com search engine, guys!
  5. 3D model search engine

    Do you have a snowy winter this year? More 3d snow and 3d winter on the 3d models search system 3dmdb.com
  6. 3D model search engine

    Dear friends! We’re happy to congratulate you with Merry Christmas and happy New Year! Thank you that you're choosing 3dMdb 3d models' search engine, guys. In the new year so many surprises waiting for you.
  7. 3D model search engine

    If you are knocked down in search of Santa, we have for you 1074 3d Santa Claus and 1282 3d Snowmen. All 3d models of the world on 3dMdb search engine.
  8. 3D model search engine

    Dear friends! Your favorite 3d models’ search engine 3dMdb.com came in the second place in the number of indexed models. Our competitor - not a search engine - contains 4 000 000 models. This is mean that we’ll soon become the leaders in this field with your help! Only 959,485 models left! Add your work to the search engine index. We work without commission.
  9. 3D model search engine

    Are you interested in Anatomy? We have 3d models of everything! Skin? Brain? Hair?
  10. 3D model search engine

    Check it out – there are almost 5 000 of 3d models of Mercedes Benz in our search engine. Today 3dmdb.com offers the biggest choice of the 3d models!
  11. 3D model search engine

    Are you ready for the holiday? We have found more than 1000 3D models of pumpkins and more than 3000 3D models about Halloween for you on the 3D search engine 3dmdb.com.
  12. 3D model search engine

    Do you know that the modern interiors are more popular than the classic ones? There are 34 000 3d models of modern interiors and only 12 500 3d models of classic interiors in our search engine. Everything that you’re looking for on 3dmdb.com .
  13. 3D model search engine

    We found 141 515 architecture 3d models on our search engine! It’s a great number, isn’t? More 3d models are on 3dmdb.com
  14. 3D model search engine

    Now the best 3d models you can find in our official Instagram account Would you like to become a part of our Instagram? Follow us, sign in on 3dmdb.com and add your best models.
  15. 3D model search engine

    vicvvsh you're welcome)
  16. 3D model search engine

    Great news! The number of models in our 3d Model Database reached 3 000 000. There are 3 million models for 3D printing, CG (graphics), VFX, Gaming, etc! To date, https://3dmdb.com/3d-model/ indexes about 40 largest stores of models for printing and graphics.
  17. Renderfarms renderers and plugins

    Friends, thanks a lot for your comments. They help me
  18. Hi, need information about renderfarm at europe. Interested at renderer, render plugins, price, contacrts (site, phone)
  19. 3D model search engine

    Hooray!!! We indexed evermotion Now you can search for evermotion's 3d models directly from 3dmdb search page. It is convenient and saves time. Just select one from the drop-down list of stores Direct link to 3dmdb's search page is http://3dmdb.com/all-3d-models-from-evermotion/?q=
  20. 3D model search engine

    3dmdb.com + twitter = friends! Join us on Twitter to observe news and changes which made in our 3d models search engine our twitter - @3dmdb
  21. 3D model search engine

    Accelerating 3d models search engine. Evolution. We have improved the characteristics of our search engine. We have become faster! Now the average server response time for user search pages is 210-300ms http://3dmdb.com/all-3d-models-from-all/?q=hand - 250ms http://3dmdb.com/all-3d-models-from-all/?q=Dog Lamp - 300ms http://3dmdb.com/all-3d-models-from-all/?q=spanch bob3D model - 210ms We became faster, but the same good
  22. 3D model search engine

    mavillar, thanks for the advice, but:
  23. 3D model search engine

    Good news! There are more than 2 million 3d models in the index of our search engine. Thanks to your support the number of models increases and grows every day. The total number of models can be viewed on the main page http://3dmdb.com Cheers!
  24. 3d models search engine.

    Hi there! We create search engine for 3d models which unite at one place different 3d shops, stocks, archive ... like "google", but for 3d models! ) Now, a full index (list) of 3D models at our database http://3dmdb.com/ is 964 194 models. We dream about 1000000 (million))! Need more than 50,000 models, to achieve the goal. Welcome any thoughts about shops, forums, communities etc where we can get (add) 10 or 100 or 10000 on N models to our search index Тhank you in advance
  25. 3d models search engine.

    Good news! We have reached our goal! There are more than 2 million 3d models in the index of our search engine. Thanks to your support the number of models increases and grows every day. The total number of models can be viewed on the main page http://3dmdb.com Cheers and thanks for help.