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  1. Dive is video mapping project that was created for audio visual festival Signal 2015 in Prague. This event attracts around 100 000 visitors every year, the city becomes completely filed with the people that flows like river trough the city. As a surface was used the rococo facade of the Kinský Palace in the Old Town Square that normally functions as a National Gallery. This video mapping combines abstract shapes with existing architectural parts of the facade and illusions evoking a watery surface. In this way the projection penetrates the subconscious in an attempt to shatter the image of everyday reality. Concept: Petr Krejčík Animation: Petr Krejčík and Ati Sphere Music: Ondřej Skala http://cirquegaruda.cz https://www.instagram.com/cirque.garuda/
  2. Thanks for the tip, unfortunately the only way to make wacom work with multiple monitors. I hope one day will be fixes.