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  1. Curve parallel offset

    Hey Antoine. Thanks for the tips. Enumerate sop is totally new for me. Nice to be aware of it. Differential geometry? Hmmm. Have to check it soon. I tryed to make it work and put it in same scene file, attached it. You can check it in spare time if everything is right. curve_parallel_offset.hipnc
  2. Curve parallel offset

    Hi Atom. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I'm aware of Polyexpand node. In fact I liked it a lot, but it didn't give me the effect i wanted, although it gave another good result (attached the image). If it used on an open curve, it expands a curve in all directions, not thw way I wanted. But anyway I'll check it one more time, I may missed something about it.
  3. Procedural rocks carved in vdb

    Those were my attempts on rock creation and other rocky natural stuff. But yeah, I really struggled with vdb noises and couldn't get a desired result. Need more practice.
  4. get outside shape

    VDB should do the trick. Booleans are also good option. Probably I'd used booleans for exterior part, and VDB for interior with some peak node usage (like a push in max, inflate in zbrush) and combined it with exterion via boolean/union. Also convexhull may help in some cases. It really depends in a given situation
  5. Procedural rocks carved in vdb

    Very interesting topic. In fact I tryied to make something similar a few months back. I'll try to post images
  6. Curve parallel offset

    Hey guys! I tryed to make a parralel offset of curve so it moves evenly compared to it's original apperiance. I couldn't do it without sweep node. Because I needed not only normal pointing to proper direction but also needed it's magnitude to push points with proper strength. For this I used "Angle fix" option in sweep node. Other method gave me a proper normal, but it was normalized. How would you do it with other methods? curve_parallel_offset.hipnc
  7. How you would model a stone wall?

    Hi, Bruno. Thank you! Actually the destruction shot was entirely done and rendered in houdini with mantra. I don't know which routine I'd go to transfer a houdini scene to 3ds max if I had to. Corona renderer used for rendering the first shot, which was done entirely in 3ds max (well, ZBrush and World Machine involved as well here). And there is no houdini work in the first shot But I could guess about capabilities of mantra that it could do the first shot as well as Corona did. Ok, I don't know what I like more - mantra or Corona. When I'm in houdini I like mantra, when I'm in max I like Corona.
  8. Snow shader - tips on where to start?

    This thread may be useful: http://forums.odforce.net/topic/25138-snow-terrain-mantra-shading-and-render/
  9. Brick/Stone Wall - Broken Horizontals

    You guys are rocking! Hey, Vladimir. I've missed this topic. So many monthes are gone, but I'll try to open your file and learn it any way very soon. Thank you. Your labirynth looks great: http://forums.odforce.net/topic/22282-labyrinth/#entry132644 Month ago I've done some different approach, which I've updated here: http://forums.odforce.net/topic/23931-how-you-would-model-a-stone-wall/#entry140562 Hey, Lorne, some gorgeous structure. You could actually crush it with something. And thanks for the explanation.
  10. How you would model a stone wall?

    Hey, mates! It's me again. As I've promised I want to share some results on this topic with you. Finally it was doable. It starts at 0:55 (password: dragonfly) Any thoughts and ideas are welcome. Thanks for all of you.
  11. Wax Melting Wip

    Really nice. Want more
  12. 1 year of SOP playing.

    Your works in the site really inspires. Keep it updated
  13. Displaced Tubes

    Really great stuff. Actually you could build some architecture with this tubes, may be some kind of towers. I can even see them in your pictures, in medieval and sci-fi style.
  14. modeling an urban bus

    Can't see an image, couldn't you please reupload it, really intrigued
  15. Animated Spot starring Mantra

    Very inspiring. Keep us updated