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  1. How to set timeline range by toggle value

    Hi, You can use: hou.playbar.setFrameRange(start, end)
  2. Houdini NLE Clip Mixer

    Wow this is a game changer! And I want that custom timeline to replace the default one in minimalist style

    Yes render both and merge them in comp

    Hi, In these scenarios combining both particles and volumes work really well.
  5. the hobo

  6. Runtime/Execution time of script (and parts) in vex

    Hi, You can use the vexprofile command if you want more granular VEX performance profiling: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/commands/vexprofile.html
  7. Create A Nurbs curve from VEX

    I sent an RFE for this years ago, so please feel free to submit yours.
  8. Probably coz it's the most obvious geometry. Proper edge loop implementation terminates at non-quad topology. Indeed I already sent SESI all the code files and OTLs with the sample scene It's id: #103779. Ground Find Path SOP now being cancellable is a product of that, edgeLoop not being cancellable as of now is another #103776. I also submitted xyzdist VEX function being slow on NURBS geometry, but support couldn't repro it: #103755. So if you can, please bump that up coz I know it's definitely not just me.
  9. The grid is just an example, obviously it works on any polygonal geometry, and your logic wouldn't work if the grid point numbers are not at defaults.
  10. Normals Curve Flow

    Hi you can use the slideframe function: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/slideframe.html
  11. exchange @ptnum? or change @ptnum

    You need to use the Sort SOP and use your ptnum attribute but make sure every point has a valid unique number before swapping some. In after anim
  12. I did a comparison of 3 methods of selecting edge loops from a given edge group. To my surprise my Select Edge Loop SOP I wrote back in 2014 is 35x faster than both the Group Find Path SOP which is a compiled C++ SOP node and the hou.Geometry.edgeLoop Python function which if I am not wrong, simply calls the same HDK function that's available as an interactive modeling operation. If so, that seems slow for a C++ function for selecting edge loops compared to a VEX code that does the same. 1. The speed differences are very dependent on the input geometry so there are some cases where the performance gap between my VEX SOP and the Group Find Path SOP and the hou.Geometry.edgeLoop function is not as large as the above example. Though it did show that my Select Edge Loop SOP scaled better in all the tests I performed compared to wildly different timings I got from the other 2 approaches when the resolution of the input geometry or the number of input edges were changing. 2. I am only comparing the ability to select edge loops. Group Find Path SOP is a incredibly versatile SOP that can do a lot more. Here I set the parameters to only select edge loops to make it as fast as possible for this very specialized operation. 3. Beyond algorithmic differences, this shows that half edges in VEX are indeed quite fast and powerful.
  13. VEX and normals from @ptnum

    Hi, I think N is the only magical syntax SESI added to wrangles. But you can't manipulate any input other than the first input (yet). In a theoretical version of Houdini, this will be supported, that's why SESI advises to use geoself() for now.
  14. Vex: Total number of frames?

    Hi, I don't think there is a dedicated global VEX variable for that, but you can use $FEND directly in VEX, or create a parameter with that expression and read that using chi function.
  15. Hi, You can just average out all the points found in the point cloud lookup where you are coloring them, and either create new points at the computed center or store it as an attribute.