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  1. circle?round? custom whitewater plz..

    I looked at Vimeo. I really need shots The process of creating custom whitewater is really curious. Please help seniors with Please show only the basic course I will really appreciate. One should use to scatter vop be one way? T.T
  2. Students are learning Houdini I have not been able to solve for several days. Ship passing scene sop ship moderling planted one in velocity? sop in fluid source this way? And in'll DOP loading in sourcevolume? This method is too heavy and slow ㅠ ㅠㅠㅠ Please help me I wonder how this custom velocity force. How to move the velocity on the boat bangs is also curious. Thank you.
  3. voronoi_edge...no select T.T

    Hello!!!! I am a student still learning the basics... Houdini difficult and hard. There are working to break the wall I'll never part of the edge as shown in the picture. Please help me Naturally pull out the edge part In order to smoothly the whole piece Sorry, English not. Thank you very much. voronoi_edge_plz.hipnc
  4. cracking a ground

    wow!!!!good great!!
  5. cracking a ground

    wow... good!!!!!!!!!!!! great!!!!!