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  1. Hi Mate, Did you found any solution for this? ive been stuck with the same problem, curious to know if you get it solved. Thanks
  2. Hi guys, Im planning to build a pc for me and also gonna buy indie license, i will use this pc mostly for motion graphics work, particles, small scale flip and high res pyro as well. i have choosen the nvida 2070 gpu for gpu rendering but after the leaks im now waiting for the new generation gpus from nvidia. i have googled a lot about choosing the right cpu,still i couldn't decide which one to buy amd ryzen 9 3900x or intel 10700k i know amd has more cores which can be utilised well by houdini. but still lot of my friends suggest intel over Amd based on their user experience. also i have found this comparison here https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/AMD-Ryzen-9-3900XT-vs-Intel-Core-i9-10900K/m1202614vs4071 in which amd is way too down than than intel. But everyone over youtube suggesting AMD. so i really need suggestion from you guys who are actual houdini users instead of blindly believing in youtubers and online database.. Any advise will really help me a lot as this is gonna be a very big investment for me. Thank you.
  3. Hey Dubs, i am trying to do the same thing. did you figured out why the OTLS are not loading up? .. Even Im facing the same issue. please let me know if you found a solution Thanks!
  4. It works great, but im not getting why should we need to update the mass. If not updating mass pin is not working.
  5. Here is my simple setup if someone still want it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/b1enflqodil966b/H_S_005_fracture_deforming_object.hipnc?dl=0 Thanks
  6. I agree . It would be great and very helpful if we have good pre-sets in the cloth configure to start with. Its quite hard to iterate a lot to find best suitable values as per needs.
  7. Hi konstatin magnus,i never thought of numpy, Ill give a try in python thanks for the idea. Thanks for the help
  8. Thank you very much vtrvtr. I think should be enough for my purposes.
  9. Hi Guys, I am wondering if there is any way in vex to compare between two arrays to get the difference. Please let me know is there any way to do this, below is what I am trying to do s[]@attribsA = detailintrinsic(0, "pointattributes"); s[]@attribsB = detailintrinsic(1, "pointattributes"); s[]@AB = @attribsA - @attribsB; //need mismatched attributes in a s[]@BA = @attribsB - @attribsA; //need mismatched attributes in b Thanks a lot in advance!
  10. vex version create attribute wrangle , connect nothing run over > detail(only once) add below code //create parameters; float turns = ch("turns"); float length = ch("length"); int count = chi("point_count"); vector pos; float mask; float rad; float radRamp; float radmult = ch("rad"); pos = 0; for (int n; n<count ; n++){ mask = (n/float(count)); radRamp = chramp("radius_ramp",mask); radRamp = fit(radRamp,0,count,0,1); rad = radRamp * radmult * 1000; pos = set(sin(mask*turns)*rad,-cos(mask*turns)*rad,mask*length); addpoint(0,pos); } create add sop set to polygon > by group Thanks!
  11. updating this for new people searching for this topic. Poly bevel will work on the curves and we need to set the group type to point explicitly rather than keeping it in guess from group even we dont want to specify any groups. Thanks poly bevel tutorial from sidefx https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/point-beveling/
  12. Thanks for reply, I want unique id for each group of constrained pieces not an attr for pieces which are still constrained. Lets say i want to apply a random color for each bundle. Ill post an example once im back to my PC. Im trying to do cheap softbody tearing using RBDs.
  13. Hi guys, Im doing a simple fracture sim with rbdpacked object and constraint network and breaking few constraints dynamically. so endup with clusters of pieces as usual. Is there any way to get an id attr per set of pieces constrained together after the sim? Thanks in advance.
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