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  1. Pyro collision with packed objects

    Hi Dragan, If you would post an example file maybe it is easier to spot on what's going on:)
  2. Pyro collision with packed objects

    Hi Dragan, Maybe try use volume sample in collision and link the VDB of your object as proxy volume?
  3. Emit particles from falling RBD object

    Hi Art3mis, I think maybe one thing is that since it is a packed rbd object in your scene, when you try to source it it was only a point, I did a quick test and it was emitting particles at the center point; it worked as in the video when the torus is a RBD object instead of packed (as shown in attached example). Hope it helps! Best, Viola Lyu particleDopTest_vl.hipnc
  4. growing dynamic curve

    Hi Jason, I've seen this video that is similar where Nema was using pop grain to achieve similar stuff, and he shared his scene file as well so if you want to check it out and have a starting point: Best, Viola Lyu
  5. Simple Circle Packing

    Hi Vusta, Not sure if you still have question about creating the button to reset the sim, but it you do you could try this: You can create a button in your UI and in callback script you can use hou.node('PATHTOSOPSOLVER').parm('NAMEOFBUTTON').pressButton() Best, Viola
  6. target position for particles

    Hi Evan, Maybe you could try popSteerSeek, it was for flocking/crowd but it allows for a certain level of control over the force and behavior. Hope it helps! Best, Viola
  7. Thank you so much! Somehow I cannot hit thank you on your entry...lol
  8. Falling Dust - Characteristic

    Still testing on this lol
  9. Falling Dust - Characteristic

    Hi Houdini friends! I've been trying to do a sim for falling dust, the kind of look I want to get is similar to this: The shape of the leading edge of the falling dust is "spiky" and has the grainy details. I kind of "cheated" by giving it a high disturbance and warp the velocity field so that all vel.y will be going down and scaled down vel.x and z, but when there's interaction with collision geo this will not work since the velocity field is manipulated, and it gives this "sliding" behavior along the collision geo. Attached is an example file that shows this issue. Has anyone done similar sim before or have any advice on how to get this kind of characteristic in the sim? Thank you soooo much in advance! Much appreciated! fallingDust_test.hipnc
  10. Pyro smoke localised drag

    Hi Agelos, you could try gas damp, you can check out the parameters and play with them, should be able to get that effect:)
  11. Velocity Field issue with smoke clustering

    @Atom Hi Atomic, thanks for the reply! However, it seems the density and temperature field already have a suffix with cluster number... their name is density_1, density_2...etc, and it's still doing that though:( @fencer Hi Paul, thanks for the reply! That works for me now, and learnt some new thing today lol, thank you so much!
  12. Hi Houdini friends! I'm having some issues with getting velocity field to work with volume clustering... I made a simple example file (please see attached) to show this issue, and in my actual scene I've also tested with force and deforming static objects as collision, and both seem to work, but not with velocity field, and this velocity field will work if i turn off instancing on smoke object and fluid source with the same exact set up. Does anyone else had this before or have any idea how this is caused or workarounds? Thank you sooooo much in advance! Best, Viola cluster_velFieldIssue.hipnc
  13. Hi @pak thanks for the update! Good to know
  14. Hi @pak, I didn't have the error message, but it is basically the same for me, it might be Houdini version difference? I'm using Houdini16.0.633, something might changed from 15.5 to 16? Also it seems you need the group attribute on the points for some later operation? Maybe there are other ways to directly achieve that, like instead of using group name as the "marker", there might be other attributes that could be used?
  15. @pak yes sorry I wasn't reading the title carefully! I went from @jon3de 's file and added a (very roundabout) way to get the group name as an attribute on the newly created centroid points, I'm sure there are better ways, but I'll just post it here in case this could be of any inspiration :-) pointsOnPrimitiveGroups_viola.hipnc