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  1. GI talks at Siggraph 2010

    The point based Gi methods sounds like it can be implemented in houdini, even without explicit support from mantra. Right?
  2. quicktime odd behavior

    Actually, I tried to cut that frame with premier, but in premier the playback was fine, no extra frame.
  3. Hi, This is not a Houdini question, but maybe someone here can help me. I have a 40 frames animation sequence. When I convert it to a quicktime movie, with 25 fps or 24 fps, the last frame is displayed twice, so when I play the video in loop, it looks like an unwanted hold. I attached the video. Thanks. gazelle_walk01.mov
  4. Well, it kind of works, but my idea is not practical, I think. The trail SOP leaves no attributes on the trails, so if I want changing opacity or color on the individual trails, I must use primitive groups with a name like: g_$F, then use a python expression to use the group name for assigning the values in a Primitive SOP. This works, but it is very slow. Thanks anyway.
  5. Yes, thats what I thought. But you mean the Sort SOP, no?
  6. Hi, I just noticed that trying to view transparency on geometry in the viewport isn't really working, probably because of drawing order of the primitives. I just wanted to know if there is any solution or a way around it. Or maybe I should sort the polys by their distance to the camera? What Im trying to do is to build a kind of a "light table" or "onion skinning" asset to assist in animation, and I want the ghosts to be transparent. Thanks.
  7. I am feeling reluctant to poly model in Houdini.

    You can set the option on one node, and save it as a default state for hat node, using one of the icons on the top of the parameters pane. This way, every extrude you make will be in the mode you want right away. And you can always revert it to default if you want.
  8. Toon character animations

    My first walk in 3D. I find it much easier to work on paper, but I guess its a matter of experience. His left arm has a small glitch on the end of the cycle, and I can't figure out exactly why is that. walk_simple.mov
  9. It looks like you meant to answer my post on the toon character. If so, you are right, I did, but I think others can benefit from it as well.
  10. Something like this, for example: def flipParms(p1, p2): p1 = p2 = v1 = [i.eval() for i in p1] v2 = [i.eval() for i in p2] for i in zip(p1, v2): i[0].setPending(i[1]) for i in zip(p2, v1): i[0].setPending(i[1]) def flipPose(t): flipParms("right_leg_ctrl", "left_leg_ctrl") flipParms("right_arm_ctrl", "left_arm_ctrl") flipParms("right_hand_ctrl", "left_hand_ctrl")
  11. Hi, As Im working with the toon character coming with Houdini, I figure that a very welcome - and pretty simple to implement - functionality, will be to add a "flip pose" button, like the "match FK to IK" buttons. It is pretty cumbersome to copy the values from one hand or leg to the other, one after another. So a "flip legs", "flip arms", "match right arm to left arm" etc., will be a welcome addition to this character.
  12. Maybe you can setup the something like this: Parent a shoulders control to the arm ik control through a blend object. In the blend object, use an expression for the weight, that "activates" the parenting (setting it to 1) only when the arm control is at a distance bigger then the length of the arm's bones, and when less, it disables the parenting. Pretty much like how you will set a stretchy IK arm.
  13. Hi there, Im starting this thread to post some animations Im doing with Houdini and its default toon character. Nothing technical, just my little animation exercises. Ill start with doing my traditional animation exercises, and see how it goes. Here is a simple jump: jump_004_side.mov
  14. my new robot rig

    no, I dont have controls for the knees. Do you mean twist affectors? Ill check the flipping issue. I have a hard time working on the legs, because of their shape, and that I wanted them to bend forward. When I tries a 2 bone chain - one from the shoulder to the knee and second from the knee to the foot, they would end up bending back, like a normal leg. So I created a 3-bone chain, breaking the upper bone to 2 bones. That, with some adjustments to the rest angles, kind of gave the result, but I have to constraint one of the upper bones from rotating in X, because I needed the upper bones to maintain their shape. I guess there is a better way of doing this, or maybe its more a problem in the design of the robot. Next time I'll be aware of that. I finally started my animation studies, so I hope from now on Ill have more time to invest in Houdini and animation, and post more stuff like that. Thanks.
  15. my new robot rig

    BTW, if someone has some improvement tips, Ill be glad to hear them. Thanks.