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  1. I'm guessing the frequency of Cellular Noise is calculated in conjunction with UV map itself as the distortion is pointing in the UV corner where values are [0,0]. Hmm....
  2. Hello, thanks for the reply. The is no distortion in the UV at all, it's a simple planar projection (see the file for that). My circle is has radius of 1, is placed in 0,0,0. I measure the length of P and feed it to freq. Same results. See screenshot for VOPs version.
  3. Hello! I'm trying to control frequency of Cellular noise with distance from the middle of the UV map. There is some weird distortion on the noise, and I'm quite sure now my whole approach to this is wrong. Any ideas how this could be achieved? Thanks in advance cell_noise_freq_by_rad.hiplc
  4. Voronoi to grain soft body

    Progress: I made class attribite for each piece with connectivity. The point deform is now inside for each subnet. Incoming rest lattice and deformed lattice (driven by grain sim) are stripped down to piece corresponding to loops run. Inside loop deform works good but the for each subnet fails to cook giving invalid source error. Any ideas? voronoi soft body2.hiplc
  5. Voronoi to grain soft body

    Hello I am trying to make a voronoi fractured object into grain soft body. I split the object with voronoi fracure, and use for loop to create grains for each piece. On the dop level all looks great - all voronoi pieces are separate and bounce around the way I wished. The problem is when simulated mesh is read back and fed into point deform sop. The original mesh is not acting as separate objects. Is there an easy to correct this? Also, is there a way to create a glue constrain for grain sims? voronoi soft body.hiplc