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  1. Accessing stamped values

    Thanks Zengchen! I really appreciate it, and the image will serve as a great overview and reminder for me!
  2. Hey all, Consider me very new to the forum and to Houdini, even though I've been a member for a fair while (lurker at the best of times, absent at the worst), and a fan of Sidefx since Houdini 1.2. I just have not used Houdini as much as I would like to over the years, so have remained an eternal beginnner! I'm hoping for that to change gradually, starting now. Thank you for your patience with what will no doubt seem to be foolish questions. I love seeing spreadsheets of values while I work, so I can learn quickly whether things are working the way I think they are. I've copied a sphere primitive to some points, and stamped a scale value to each one, which I'm then using in the uniform scale of the Sphere SOP. What I'd love to be able to see is a spreadsheet of the stamped scale values for each copied primitive. Do I have to create an attribute after the Sphere SOP and set it to the stamped scale value, just so I can see what that value is in a spreadsheet, or is there a more direct way without any further effort/overhead? Thanks! M