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  1. @f1480187 is it possible to give each point a little delay before they start moving again? something like this:




    I can just do it by hand, but I also trying to learn get better at houdini so this is very good learning for me!

  2. I'm trying to figure out how to move lets say point0 90% in Y towards point 1. When it moved 90% then move both point0 and point1 90% in Y to point2.

    What im trying to create is theater curtains and I gotten pretty far, but I want to make a lil better.

    I drew a picture which might make it easier to understand. You can also check out the file what I got so far, of course I would need to have better settings etc.


    Any idea highly appreciated!




  3. Im still struggling with this.
    So what I figured out so far is that you can't just copy a bunch of spheres and then use a tissue object, that will just make the whole thing to one object.
    Been trying to find a way to do this and I check the files from the post that Juraj posted and they're all good but none what I saw used FEM.
    This is what I got and its clearly not working



    Not sure if this is hard to do or if its just me.

    Any help is appreciated :)



  4. Hey guys/gals!


    Been trying to find a good tutorial or tips on how to use soft bodies in houdini but with no real success.


    What I wanna do is quite simple but not sure where to start.

    I wanna copy a bunch of sphere and they just fall and bounce around.


    Basically this 



    So if anyone got any good tips or a tutorial on how to do that I would be very happy!



  5. Matt you're the man!




    Yep, the new polyextrude uses attributes rather than local variables. On the 'local control' tab you'll find toggles to enable attribute overrides for various properties. To randomise the distance, turn on 'zscale', and make sure you have a randomized @zscale attribute on the primitives feeding the extrude.


    Attached 2 ways to do this, one with a prim wrangle, the other with an attribute randomize sop.



  6. So I'm trying to figure out how to do a random distance on the PolyExtrude but with no luck.

    I thought it would be simple with just a rand($PR) expression...


    I found some old example files and they use that expression but the polyextrude is different so I guess its an older version of the extrude.


    Any one that has an idea how to do this in H15?





  7. Hey!


    This is my very first post here and as you'd expect I'm fairly new to houdini.

    I bet this has been asked a million times on this forum before.


    So I'm trying to understand VOPs and how to recreate the random effector from cinema 4d in houdini.

    Random Scale, Rotation and Position and be able to control it with noise so you could get movement as well.


    If anyone has tips on how to do this or know a good tutorial/tutorials on VOPs