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  1. Ideas for creating gradual burning grass?

    Yeah totaly forgot about some details. Im gona use real footage where i will do camera tracking, HDR ( in case i will need it), and some measurements. Object will be about 50 m from the camera and the ring will be growing from this object up to 30 m. So the closest part of the burning grass will be 20 m. On the edge of the ring there will be a fire (imagine it as a fire ring). Inside a circle there will be a symbol - pentagram with will be also in fire. The symbol will scale proportianolly to the size of the edge circle starting from the beggining of the simulation. Fire of this symbol will be different, less noisy, more calm then the fire on the edge of the circle. It doesnt have to be super realistic but i want to convey audiance at least to belive it even if it looks A LITTLE CGI. Maybe its to much but i think its doable for me and at least i want to try The footage will be shot on 20 mm lens. Anyway thanks for information it was very helpful and i already started some brainstorming PS. Why your file when i press play it goes so slow? I dont think there is so much infomation to procces that it goes like 5 frames per sec or am i missing something? Im using Houdini 16 so i dont know if it changes anything or what
  2. Hey, I have a thinking problem about how to get started in creating gradual burning grass. I have that idea in my head about making some sort of edge ring where it's gradualy getting bigger to the point where it explodes. My main problem (besides other problems im new to houdini and this whole VFX) is how to make grass start burning while edge ring of that circle is getting bigger? I have pretty good undarstanding of basics in Houdini but is that to much for me to be able to handle this? Im not in hurry, it's personal project for me. Making grass should be straighforward but how to make it burn realistycally?
  3. PolyBevel problem

    Anyway, its a little odd question but do you think its worth to do polygonal modeling in houdini? I can use maya with no problem but im wondering if houdini will be a little bit like a brick wall in case of polygonal modeling. I know the Houdini power is procedural modeling but for now i want to focus on one thing and than start to think about more advanced techniques. For now im creating simple geometry like tables, columns, chairs etc. so its not that bad but i wonder how does this look like where models are more complicated.
  4. PolyBevel problem

    Thats great, can't wait to see what they have done I'm used to maya edge split tool and smooth workflow but i find beveling more cleaner
  5. Dusty Helicopter Landing

    Where is the PILOT!!!!? Hehe Anyway this looks very nice
  6. PolyBevel problem

    Well, first of all thanks for the tip, it actually helped solve the problem, but still its quite annyoing to do that because it does make modeling a little bit harder. Anyway here is the .hip file so maybe you will figure it out or if it just on my computer that this happens bevel problem.hip
  7. PolyBevel problem

    Hey peaople, As i'am new here, i wanted to ask you something. I started to learn houdini polygonal modeling and i've encountered problem with the PolyBevel tool. For no reason my bevel becames black in some point of modeling and after that i cant really do anything to fix that. I tryed everything i could think about to fix that and got nothing so maybe you have some ideas what can be the problem? I want to noticed that, in houdini 14 this problem does not show up, but only in Houdini 15. Any reasons why and how to fix that? Thanks