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  1. H16 Alembic export best practices

    Hi Jimmay, I have experienced the same issue while i tried to export a rigid body sim with lots of Lego pieces. Whenever i click export as a alembic file, houdini crashed. My sim was cached and like Atom mention, it was loaded into a fresh scene. I solved it by deleting all the attributes (v, name, Cd, Shop_material etc. just leaving P,N and uv) and then reCached it. Without caching it keeped crashing. Not sure if its going to workout for you but worth to try.
  2. Sliding Fluid Particles w/ Alembic

    Actually i added polycap to close all gaps in your geometry. Flip sims like watertight geos. Group node does that. It groups all the unshared edges (open edges) and feeds them to polycap. I checked the file you gave and the model you are using is really in a bad shape. I just quickly added a polyextrude node to give it a little thickness, closed all open gaps then converted it to a vdb to use it as a volume collision. It's better to have a geometry with a thickness, not just plane. Its even better to use vdb collision approach. I updated your scene file. Take a look. SC_Logo_v05.hiplc
  3. Sliding Fluid Particles w/ Alembic

    Not sure if thats what you are looking for but if you turn your alembic file to "Load Houdini Geometry" (load as menu in alembic node) and add polycap to close your geometry, it works as it should be. Take a look to hip file alembic_particles.hiplc
  4. Hi there! I'm new to houdini and tring to understand the logic behind it. I'm tring to add points to the group node. But i want to control this. Like at frame 1, add the points 100 95 22. But at frame 10, add points 200 46 8 to the previous selection. At frame 20 add point 45 564 89 etc. Is there a way to achieve this directly in group node with "expressions" maybe? Note; My scene contains nothing so its useless to share a hip i guess. I just add a sphere, scatter points and add group node. And sorry for my english, its not my main language. Thanks
  5. Thanks atom, now it works like charm in H15. Now i need to understand this code to get whats going on really
  6. Yes i changed it. But now what i notice is; i can see it creates that group at giving frames( 10 for this example) and deletes it at frame 11 immediately. Next it creates that group at frame 100, and deletes it again one frame after. Its not keeping these grups. That happens at houdini 15. With houdini 14, nothing happens. Any ideas?
  7. Thanks for the quick reply davpe!!! Really appericiate it. Thanks for the reply atom. I tried this code on a wrangle node but got no chance. Wondering what am i doing wrong? When i check, i see no group created for example. I see you create a group in vex( am i right?) from the points you selected but i got no chance of accessing to those points/group. Thanks anyway