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  1. Happy birthday...

    Happy birthday to me! (I forgot to put my information in the odwiki profile until now. )
  2. Yeah Cell.... Yeah Again

    BTW, it's real: http://news.sel.sony.com/en/press_room/b2b...ease/31008.html
  3. Wiki Editors Group

    Man, don't you know what AOL means? MEEEEEEE TOOOOOOOO
  4. Houdini 9 Screenshot ?

    I can't speak for how you will personally feel about the 9 HOM Python API, but it's not just a cheesy swig binding of what we had already -- it's a specifically designed API with an emphasis on Python (but yes, it's generated with swig).
  5. New Muscle-system In Houdini 8.1

    The multithreading is on the DeformMuscle SOP - in both the inflation and deformation tab. To be honest, we should probably turn it on by default. Check your painted weights there. If you can't resolve it by painting, send me the file (or just attach it) and I'll look into it.