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  1. particle avoidance

    maybe try using an attractor on the trees to repel the partilces slightly as they approach. enough to get them out of the way and then continue on course.
  2. marc: model: sci-fi elf pilot

    hey marc that hair is really nice!
  3. mantra and motion blur

    it would be good if somebody added mental ray to the mix as this now has sub-pixel displacements and vector based displacements, memory usage and motion blur features have also had a boost with v3.2 i've used it in xsi and it is very fast when it comes to ray tracing, final gathering, cuastics and area lights......seems to work very differently to mantra.. ...and isn't GI in mantra 'very' slow, i'd also be suprised/impressed if it can keep up with mental ray,s ray tracing. mantra seems to be a black art to me........but still trying! and it's great that large production houses are using it in production, with great results! thanks for the inspiration!
  4. Help with complex POP effect

    nice one will, i just saw the new beta 6 POPs video last night of the new parameters, ie cling and dynamic friction and thought - "wow! that's cool!....that's how i could i could 'clean up' that hip i posted."......nice job! you suprised me that you had both the 'cling' and 'dynamic friction' set to 0? i thought this would then not return a result.... and thanks, you reminded me that it helps if the vehicle is somewhat aerodynamic, silly thing to overlook.
  5. Help with complex POP effect

    very rough simple car travelling through rain. mmmm, very rough....is this like anything you were after? i'm sure you could play with this and come up with something, though anakin'z idea about remapping it onto the car from a more controlled flat surface sounds good. carinrain.hipnc
  6. how to repeat section with offset

    how 'bout the cycleCHOP, you can cycle and offset among other things...?, but after looking at the expression edward posted i must say, that's pretty efficient.
  7. Scary Experience

    www.primalpictures.com all done in houdini, modeling, texturing, rendering.....etc quite amazing!!!
  8. mantra - renderman

    for people who are deeply into mantra, is mantra and renderman similar enough where a book like 'advanced renderman' and its companion book would be a vital source for study. or would the way to go simply be from the help docs and study the VOPs networks that make the current default VOPs. i just want to get better with rendering ( w/mantra ) and just wondering what is out there to assist me. thanks
  9. mantra - renderman

    thanks everyone. and of course the odforce shader tutorials were the first ones i went to, but only ever did the i3d ones. i recall running from the others when i first saw them but now will go again and try and take those into VOPs. actually a couple of days ago i was doing a fair bit with i3d with tips from jasons tutorial and got really great results after some tweaking. thanks again i'll chase these up, and dig deeper in VOPs
  10. mantra - renderman

    this sounds promising. basically wanted a guide to help me build shaders in VOPs and actually understand what i'm doing. also to help me with rendering efficiency. actually started to get some nice renders with mantra but quickly hit a wall, and have had a lot of problems with very slow renders when doing raytracing and displacements. i know it is getting a real workout at the moment in some films which sounds great so i'm sure the capabilities are there, i just have to learn them. all the other general info in the book will help in this way i guess........i just picked up digital lighing and rendering to help me with basics. was talking to architects and realise there seems to be some work out there for 3d in this field, modeling with the main thing being the lighting and rendering so just plan to learn more. also looking forward to v6, i'm hearing radiosity...sounds interesting.
  11. edit op - dumb question

    hey arctor when using k to go back up the network once i arrive at the editSOP i just left-click and then am instantly back in the editSOP. even if i choose it in the network, it's the same deal. also i could use tab, or the hotkey i've assigned and am back in that sop without a new editSOP coming up. see if that works btw, i always have secure selection turned off.....maybe that has something to do with it...... actually just tried it with secure selection and the left-click will not work but by using a hotkey i do get back in.
  12. rig?

    arctor, is this what you were thinking of, www.odforce.net/tips/ there is a sample hip file by edward here. have you tried this out with your rigging?
  13. char2_wip

    hey alex that is a really fine model!! cool work! btw, what is going on with the ear? i notice a hole....are you doing this seperately and then polyknit to attach it? just wondering on your workflow.... keep it going, want to see the whole thing!
  14. marc: model: sci-fi elf pilot

    hey marc, that's coming along nicely. regarding the manga theme, are you going to render it with the cel-look. i would be interested to see what you come up with.
  15. 3DBuzz

    well i'm taking the 3dbuzz houdini course as well. the thing i'm finding frustrating is questions like "how many spheres are were created?", i'm getting wrong!! i failed a couple of those early tests and i watched the vtms. and yeah, i would have to agree that it is a really good thing for everybody to keep going over the basics, especially since houdini went into the v5.x stage and heaps of workflow issues have/are changing quite radically. it's also good to see heaps of people taking on the course, i'm sure this will lead to good things in the future. SESI and all houdini users would have to be happy with that! i actually don't mind the the way the vtm is conducted, calling edges - 'guys' and all that, but maybe one day we can get special vtms by houdini socialites..... i would love one by rangi sutton!! btw mg, i think it healthy to think of yourself and others as insane, this way you keep things in perspective
  16. Let's talk about who we are...

    from what i know, DFilm no longer exists and Animal Logic was heavily into maya but are also into xsi and 3dmax. i spoke to somebody who is working on the matrix2 there and was told no houdini is used by them there. was also told by another person there that there were a few licenses of 4.1 floating around but nobody was using them mostly because nobody there knows how.
  17. Let's talk about who we are...

    red4kat i really can only do very little, i just do the basics, the crumbs.....just use a few simple polySOPs and that's about it. a lot of the more 'tricky/technical/need to script' stuff goes right over my head. this has me a little worried....as in how far am i going to get with this stuff?! the other thing is nobody uses houdini here in australia other than a couple uni/educational places which i have no hope of ever getting a job in. so trust me, it's a real rough ride.........have a lot to do/accomplish within the next two months...have to have a demo reel ready....
  18. hi all just doing some test with rendering subdivision surfaces and am a little confused. here is an image with the OBJECT render tab "geometry - polygons as subdivision surfaces" lots of noise around the eye and i can't find any info on parameter details in the documentation.
  19. here is exactly the same parameters other than the fact i am now using the subdivisionSOP with 'depth' set to 3. notice the huge difference!! completely different, surface detail. don't understand why!? anybody have any experience with this? thanks
  20. Let's talk about who we are...

    forgot to add, i don't understand a thing about computers other than the on/off button and a couple houdini buttons. now i will talk to my 'sister' as they are more cluey to these things, we'll see if i can get some audio up....don't expect it too soon but i'll try. need to re-start yoga/chi-gung and dancing as sitting in front of the computer is killing me!!
  21. Let's talk about who we are...

    34 going onto 35 sydney OZ stumbled into cg almost two years ago, before then heavily into performance art, music and the visual arts of ink, pen, pencil and paint. just about to bury my music career, i along with a friend have just released a one-sided 12" lp of punk/no-wave garbage which we are very proud of, flipside is an etching.....i did all the artwork: menstruation sisters - "goog".......... neurotic, shy and secretive.....really enjoy reading the "pro" houdini mailing list, lots of arse/ass talk of late, there's always something on there to put a smile on my face...........can't wait to graduate just begun my first demo reel..........
  22. while being very busy modeling i've been trying do some animation work as well. here is an example of how i've set up "pose to pose" animation. i've just figured it out in houdini so it's my first set-up. i'm sure it could do with a 'lot' of streamlining. suggestions would be appreciated. actually once i set it up, it was pretty easy from there on but i'm a little worried with all the parameters in the constantCHOP........considering this is such a simple character, i imagine this method could be a nightmare for a complex character, ie; one with hands, fingers, etc.... let me know what you think!! poseAnim.zip
  23. pose to pose animation

    thanks heaps for all replys, a lot for me to work on and think about.
  24. pose to pose animation

    i just thought that something like this could be useful. for instance if you are animating a scene of combat with swordplay, well there are so many moves you might just save as poses and then use these pose 'states' to interpolate through along with other methods of animation. it also seems far cleaner than keyframing, as you easily re-use a pose by copying and then simply tweaking a couple parameters to make it different from you last pose so they are not all the same while also allowing you to drop in animation quite freely with less fuss than cleaning up keyframes. this method would obviously best suite a situation where repetitive actions are at play. this really is just my first attempt at it, so i'm sure it needs heaps of work. i just threw it up here to start discussion on it. i will continue playing with this and try to integrate it with other animation methods. i am building a character or two at the moment will develop this along with it as i want to animate the character. re; "I thought that you can probably create an easy script to make those constant chops for you every time you want to save a pose" by this do you mean, using the pose operation in OBJECTS and posing your character in whatever pose then having some script read the parameters which you want. if so, yeah this does sound good, but problems for me is i can't script.....and there are so many more basics i have to worry about before even considering hscript. the other thing is i make the basic constantCHOP with all the animatable parameters in it then copy'n'paste this. after having a few of these i wire them all into a switchCHOP and just use the sliders to position my character while switching from one pose to another to compare. so i never end up touching the character again. well, at least that is what i was doing for this example and it was just a simple thing meant as a demo. maybe i'm just going down the wrong path and this is unneccessary... we'll see what goes down when i try a detailed character............
  25. pose to pose animation

    just checked it, seems fine to me.