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  1. How to apply this technique in Houdini 16/16.5

    Thank you so much, i figure out my mistake. I was making mistake at the the time when i was making "attract" attribute. Thank again
  2. I am the technique of this tutorial step by step, but nothing is working as the results displayed in tutorial. the tutorial was made in houdini 13 and i am trying this out in houdini 16. thank you
  3. Sandstorm

    Hi guys, I am trying to create a sandstorm like Mad Max Fury Road, I am confused about how they created that kind of sandstorm, because with Pyro it doesn't seem like I can get that kind of beautiful details. Can anyone explain me the process how they created that Sand storm. camera_detail.hip pyro_upward_temperature_velocity_limlit.hip
  4. Sparks OTL feedbacks

    Hi, I created this OTL by me and my mentor. Kindly provide your feedbacks on that sparks_otl_v02.hda
  5. Modification of the velocity of the deforming geometry

    @sasho78 It's not like that, if it is possible for me to post a hip file, than I certainly will, but the problem is this is my studio work and because of strong internet policy of my studio I am not able to post any file for which I am saying sorry in advance. But if it possible for you, kindly help me on my problem.
  6. Modification of the velocity of the deforming geometry

    hii stephen, thank you for your reply, can you please post a hip file so that i can understand much better way
  7. Hello everyone, I am working on a shot where I have to create interaction from a broom with a character made of particles. The particle setup of the character is goal based. The problem I am facing is when the broom is interacting with Particles, instead of inheriting the motion of the groom, the Particles are just going away in straight direction and vice- versa. I want to modification this. I want when the broom is getting interacted by Particles they should get disturbed and and instead of getting a straight direction, I want to get curl noise in that motion. How can I get this?
  8. Creating Rain FX

    Hii Rigel, You got my problem, actually the shot is in slow motion where the camera is facing towards the ground. Well thanks for your help. I'll try this and than let you whether it is working or not?
  9. Creating Rain FX

    Hii, At very first I tried everything before coming to odforce. This don't work for me as I am not using FLIP.
  10. Creating Rain FX

    Come to India in most of the Studios you have to work under same conditions, Kindly help me to get out of this problem
  11. Creating Rain FX

    Hi, Yes, I know that but Studio where I am doing this R&d has strong internet policy because of that I am not able to put any hip file. Kindly help me on that
  12. Creating Rain FX

    Hii, I am sorry but due to confidential reasons I am not able to post the hip file. I tried orbolt rain generator it is not very helpful to me. The area were I am stucking is I want to make crown splashes when particle collide with ground and for that I am using popreplicator, but instead of getting that I am getting very random shapes. Kindly help me on that
  13. Creating Rain FX

    Hii Atom, I tried orbolt rain generator, but it not helping me much I started working on the file but due to some reasons I cannot post the file, but at very I wanted to ask how can I create crown splashes with Particle like when particle collide with ground I added popreplicator to make crown shape. And I want that shape. Kindly help me on that.
  14. Creating Rain FX

    Hello everyone, I am looking to make rain FX like in Batman vs Superman and Pacific Rim with that I want to add everything like crown splashes when the rain is colliding to the ground and wet maps etc. Kindly help me on that, a hip file would be helpful
  15. Explosion on star wars?

    Your link is not working