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  1. Geometry Color transferred to smoke

    Thank you! The setup I was using is pretty similar to this. I had a placeholder tempCd field which was messing the sourcing up(somehow?).
  2. Geometry Color transferred to smoke

    As far as my knowledge of dops go - yes. Unless, it is not sourcing in the right color. However I have set two colors and for some reason it only seems to source one over the grid.
  3. Geometry Color transferred to smoke

    Heya folks, I've been trying to test out a setup where a volume inherits color from geometry which in turn is used to color smoke simulations. I have a attached a file with my setup - where I'm initializing a tempCd field and then transfering that to a Cd field with gas calculate and then advecting Cd with vel. However, the issue with the sim is the fact that it refuses to initialize multiple colors. I hope somebody can help me figure out how to troubleshoot this issue. Thank you! smoke_color_sim_test.hipnc
  4. Static object destruction

    You could try animating the active parameter in sops and override in the dop. For example - Use a sphere - an attrib transfer to transfer color - and based on color - set @active to 1 - pass that to dops(there should be an attribute override on the rbd object node).
  5. Steam Propellant FX

    Hey folks, I've been trying to tackle a smoke element which involves an object being launched at a high speed with a propellant(something like hot steam coming through a nozzle, I guess). The object is a canister of sorts(imagine the propellant to be pressurized gas in the canister) - which tumbles and rotates on its central axis, thus having to orient the 'jet of steam'. It also interacts with the ground as it bounces. Since it has a small exit for the fluid, my emitter should be small. :\ I have tried the following approaches - 1. Small emitter - high velocity - high substeps(16) After a lot of tweaks, the best I could crunch out of this was a trail that didn't have any defined shape of sorts, and could not achieve the 'cone'-ish shape that I was looking for 2. Particle Trail - as custom velocity -as emitter -as force guide Same Problem as above - particles only left a smear with no shape - even with high substeps(32) 3. Modelled Hollow container with exit - placed emitter within - plugged density of emitter to divergence -high substeps(32) Got a more promising result - but at high velocity portion of the animation(especially at assumed 'launch' it would only leave puffs of smoke. Unfortunately, I cannot post any scenes at the moment - will try on recreate the approach and the problems in an example scene. :\ Is there any other solutions that anyone could suggest? Or add up on what I've been trying?