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  1. Hi Guys, I want to scatter some points on a growing and deforming vdb mesh. These points shouldn't jitter on the surface and look like they are moving along with the surface. I have attached a basic file similar to my actual setup. Basically, I am going to render these particles as bubbles on top of the mesh and I want it to be quite dense. I haven't been able to figure this out and couldn't find much help online. It would be great if you guys can check it out and help with a response. Thanks vdb mesh vdbscatter_v01.hipnc
  2. The method in the first link helped. Thanks a lot Atom. Attached file with the method applied now. vdbscatter_v02.hipnc
  3. VDB Smoke trail setup problem

    Hi guys. I am trying to do a VDB Smoke/Dust trail setup. I have a pop network creating a trail of particles who's color fades of by nage. To which I am copying spheres and I convert them into fog using VDB FROM POLYGON node. I also create a volume from Cd attribute. Then I multiply these two two density and Cd volumes to get the fade off. It works but i get a lot of jitters in this method. I also try converting the particles directly into fog using VDB FROM PARTICLES node. This creates a jitter less fog, to which I can maybe add noise and get more details later. But in this method multiplying Cd attribute volume to density to make it fade off doesn't work. It would be great if I get some pointers from you guys how to solve these issues. Or is there a better method to do this setup. Please check out the hip file. Thanks smoke_trail.hipnc