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  1. Dense cloud shader (wdas cloud hype)

    Denoise look really good But lets hope Nvidia Optix Denoiser will come to Mantra next version, and have been trained to denoise clouds!
  2. Dense cloud shader (wdas cloud hype)

  3. Dense cloud shader (wdas cloud hype)

    sorry for the late reply. I have made a cleaned up file for you all the stuff happens in the shader. Cloud_Shader_01_v016.hiplc
  4. Dense cloud shader (wdas cloud hype)

    I have been trying to archive the look with darkening myself, i tried to use the method presented in this presentation from Horizon Dawn using only directional light, because i hate long renderingtimes The image i have added take around 20 sec on a 1950X Threadripper to render. More links https://www.guerrilla-games.com/read/nubis-realtime-volumetric-cloudscapes-in-a-nutshell My setup ain't perfect yet, will have to work some more one it, but it gets the darknening, but when i blend it with the normal render, allot of the details get lost. i can post the setup later, but i only tried to replicate what was in the Horizon Dawn presentation. All the information i know is there. Normal Render Powder effect, mentioned in presentation.
  5. Aha, looks like i have to take up the torch when there is time then! Would be nice to get this working, will upload i HIP file if have some success. With the information in this thread i will get a good start at least